Jewelry made from fake food


Are you sure that third one isn’t fake vomit?


Ugh! This just looks like people are incredibly messy eaters. The great Ian Dury wore a plastic fried egg in 1978 and did it right. Here he is singing Spasticus Autisticus:


Not only are they interesting accessories, but they double as an effective form of contraception!


Very tasteful.

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This post kind of reminds me of big fashion shows. Everyone is wearing hideous and improbable clothes and accessories and it tells everyone something though I’m never quite sure what. Maybe it’s about showing off the skills of the designers so people will go buy their less improbable clothes? :worried:

At any rate, I am impressed by the skill involved in making these but can’t imagine wearing one of them.

I thought for sure this was going to be about the None Pizza With Left Beef (story of None Pizza With Left Beef for anyone who missed that) necklace that someone made.

CrybabyGeeks has some non-meme-joke food necklaces too and they look pretty amazing.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these necklaces so I can’t swear to how they look in real life. :rabbit:

Geez, people nudge nudge wink wink about pearl necklace, but that last one (the curry) takes it to a whole new level with cleveland steamer.

It’s partly about showing off skill, partly about showing off new materials and techniques, mostly about wonderful unquantifiable ART. Some of the cuts and accessories and materials filter down to more mundane and practical fashion. Some of the clothes end up on celebrities wanting to make a big impression on the red carpet.

It’s kinda like concept cars and exotic cars, right? It’s not really about being practical.

I get the art, I just don’t really get calling it a fashion show since very few people would leave the house wearing the clothes. Not a worthwhile thing to have an argument about though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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