Would fashion week attendees pretend to know about made-up designers? Yes

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George Costanza is completely overrated. I personally prefer Art Vandelay.


And you want to be my latex salesman.

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Dave Hill’s been doing this for ages. (go to 1:20)

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So kind of a lot of tech journalists discussing the finer points of Apple, Google and Samsung.


Teach your children: It’s okay to not know absolutely everything about your fandom. In fact, learning about new stuff is more fun than being the person who knows it all first/already.


It feels kind of cheap to go after fashion designers for being a bit mental and snobbish. It’s kind of like sneaking into a Republican Convention and trying to get people to admit they have crazy ideas about guns.


They’re easy targets, no doubt about that - But the point is that these idiots have too much influence as it is, and exposing their smug stupidity IS a public service.

That’s probably one of the first times that the words “cheap” and “fashion designers” have been used in the same sentence together.

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That’s fun too.

I take it you don’t watch The Daily Show. Stewart & Co. have hardly backed away from all those issues.

And right-wing satirists make fun of the left all the time, they just aren’t very good at it.


You should watch the Daily Show sometime.

And I’m seconds too late!

I watch clips online when friends send stuff to me- they can be quite funny, for sure, but there’s still a clear “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” vibe going on, which I totally get. It’s a gigantic show on the biggest entertainment conglomerate in the world; they can only go so far before risking alienating their fan base.

And the Daily Show is one, compared to the hundreds on the other side. I get that right-wingers try to make fun of the left and fail miserably… I just regret that our society is so fractured at this point that it’s all about picking a side and then trashing the other side, rather than being honest about ourselves…


By anyone not employed by one.


I admit I haven’t watched the video but this seems a bit unfair. I’d wager most Fasion Week attendees are in the industry, an industry where social status and being in the know is very important. So they would have a legitimate financial motive to bluff.

That’s what makes this different than the earlier ‘experiment’ on Coachella attendees.

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So important even imaginary designers are know!

Dude in yellow was WORKING that uniboot.


OMG! Let’s talk about shoes!


The craziest idea about guns I heard is that taking them from lawful citizens will somehow make criminals give them up.