How a Pepsi consultant burned a "$400k game jam" down




Oh my. The trilby is like a cherry shaped turd on top of it all. I’m glad he lost his job, and contratulations to the developers for standing up. Definitely a huge leap in the right direction.


For me, it was a toss-up between the e-cig and the trilby. E-cigs, in my mind, are like the stripes on a skunk; Nature’s warning that the bearer is a noxious creature who will stink you up by merely being in the same zip code as it.

And yes the result was sweeeeeeeeeet.


“A trilby. Of course.”


I don’t like to judge people based on looks, and usually I’d make a comment about how people should be able to wear whatever the hell they want without being judged for it, but



This story affirms my faith in humanity.


Man, the more I Google, the weirder it gets. Matti Leshem is the co-commissioner of the U.S. Rock-Paper-Scissors League.


Name should be Matti, with the final ‘i’


She was on a reality show about computer programming and didn’t expect the producers to deliberately cause trouble to liven things up? What the guy did was sure nasty, but was it really unexpected?? C’mon.


Stupid woman, expecting dignity. Should’ve expected to be dehumanized!


No, stupid reality show contestant, expecting dignity.


No dudes were given the same treatment, so being singled out is actually exceptional.


The production company pulled a bait-and-switch on the participants, apparently including the original creators of the show. It was never intended to be a TV-style reality show, but a documentary on game jams and the collaborative nature of the indie games scene. TV people took over and sabotaged the entire thing.

That natal idea, and one of the themes central to all eleven developers agreeing to travel to Los Angeles for the shoot, was the production and filming of a game jam for a televised audience (or at least a YouTube audience) with the intent to document the ups and downs of actually developing a game – hopefully sharing that experience with a viewership likely ranging into the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions. More importantly, it would be an opportunity for the group to share the closely-knit spirit of togetherness unique to indie development, presented through the lens of popular YouTube personalities with massive, mostly younger built-in viewerships. A slam dunk, you might say, created in earnest to shine a kind of light into the often misrepresented world of creating… or, at least, that’s what everyone thought.


From what I read, the dudes were given the same treatment: they were asked a misogynistic question about their teammate/rival, to which there is no good answer, except the answer that these people gave: “Fuck you, we’re not going to be in your fucked up reality show.”


They were not called out as being worthless for the purposes of competition, though obviously I’m happy they stood up for their friend/“rival”.


sorry, i’m gonna defend the trilby. just because one douchebag wears one, doesn’t mean trilbys are always indicative of douchebags. they are a fine hat. e-cigs, on the other hand, i have no clue about those.


Do you think he was at a disadvantage because he had a trilby on his head?


I don’t even understand the question. What’s supposed to be the advantage of having someone photogenic on the team? Was there a swimsuit section to the jam?


It’s refreshing to see the developers tell the a-holes “no dice.” In what other genres of reality show would you see that behavior?


As I understand it, they didn’t play along because the people didn’t go there to be on a reality show. It was supposed to be a documentary, so when normal people are asked to be like reality show contestants they naturally get upset. The only reason reality shows work is that the contestants self select, you can’t put just anybody in those situations and expect them to follow the reality show formula.