A tiny fedora for your manbun


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The over/under is 5 comments.


Does it come with artisanally crafted hair pins for the sine qua non of hipster douche baggery?


“manbun”?! Really? What was wrong with dork knob?


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:




I was gonna go with topknot, but that guy ain’t japanese, so dorknob works well.


Men’s fashions went to hell after pantaloons fell out of style.



You’re not British, are you.


Ohhhh, I think it still works that way.


i cant stop laughing to check if real

oh lerd of the old testament let it be real



This hat both so popular and reviled is a trilby, not a fedora. A trilby is a completely different style, so why are people insisting on calling it a fedora? It actually belies a collective cultural ignorance.

So, if you don’t know what it is, you don’t get to wear it.


All men should wear a suit and tie, and have a crew cut damn it! There’s no room for deviating from that, leave personal expression to the women!


So glad I’m not the only one who spotted this! Nobody knows about hats anymore. People even mix style with brand: I have actually had someone tell me that the fedora we were looking at was actually properly called a borsalino.


Promise? That’d be great.


Yes we know about the trilby / fedora thing and we just don’t care. It doesn’t seem to make a behavior difference in the wearer and 'fedora’s good enough shorthand. ACTUALLY, this kind of actually, thinking that actually it makes a difference and saying actually a lot is actually more important than what it actually is. Actually. Unless you’re a suave old guy or lady it’s douchey till someone takes it back from the douches.


Is that hat meant for HIM, or for the tiny hipster who normally hides under his full-size hat?


The results are in, and Over was the winning bet. Double payout for the clarification coming from a brand-new account.

Join us next time for another thrilling game of, “Actually, that’s a trilby.”


Both are reviled. A better way to tell the difference between them is that trilbys are more likely to be worn by douchebags, while fedoras are more likely to be worn by really annoying dorks.


Fedoras all the way up?