San Francisco Hat Company makes an awesome fedora


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It is linked in the post? What is your point? Those people at Boing Boing will share anything.


Is it okay if I shop local and buy from Bernie Utz?


Ok, it’s bad enough that the average joe these days can’t tell the difference between a trilby and a fedora, but when a bloody hat company does it…


So what… are you back tracking? Are you reversing your opinion? Is this trying to appease the folks that aren’t misogynistic fuckheads that like this kind of hat?

You’re sending mixed signals guys.


My heart is broken. There was a great little hat shop in Mill Valley, which was one of the 2-3 places I could shop in the entire town, and it has closed. They really had some wonderful hats.


I used to wear a fedora, a real one like Indiana Jones.

You may find them douchey, but they are not hipster-douchey.

Dat Brim.


Thank you! A proper fedora is brilliant - it’s the trilby that’s been appropriate by ****inghipsters. And they’re welcome to it.


Don’t let others tell you what to wear.


I have a nice Dunn & Co. leather fedora that I picked up in an antique clothing store in Bath because it was raining and I couldn’t find the Roman baths.

So when I wear it I’m really less of a douchebag and more of a schmuck. But who cares? This was a couple of decades before hipsters ruined everything.


You buy a hat like this, I bet you get a free bowl of soup.


My point, if I had one, would be that two articles on Boing Boing appear to contradict each other. Marx warned about this. Soon the whole thing will come crashing down.


I’m sure they make a fine hat - probably. I just can’t imagine buying a hat that is sized in small/medium or large/extra-large. Quality hats are usually sold by cap/hat size rather than some 2 sizes fits most arrangement.
Try taking a look a DelMonico Hatter. Their dress felts are nice and decently priced. Check out their DelMonico brand hats as well as the Bailey, Scala, or Kangol for lower priced options or step up to a Borsalino or Stetson for a higher quality covering.


It looks good on you, though.


Happens all the time. We do not all agree on everything.


At least two of those hats on the right are Homburgs and not Fedoras.


At least those two are close enough to make it harder to tell in the small picture.


Serious question: where can you get a good quality felt or wool hat cleaned and blocked? I haven’t found anywhere in San Diego that can do it, but I do travel to the SF Bay area occasionally.


On the contrary, soon the dialectical opposites will be united in a higher synthesis!

We will all gain Artificially Intelligent hats, with sassy post-gender personalities which will strike fear into the heart of antifeminist dudebros! And you will get a free pony with every fedora, on the “plus a pony” principle.