Where it all went wrong for the Fedora


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And that’s a trilby not a fedora. Fedoras have a wide brim and are nice hats for keeping the rain off my head as well as the sun out of my eyes and off my male pattern baldness which makes me sad that it has picked up such a reputation.
Anyone got suggestions that is not a baseball hat?
ETA I have had 2 Tilley hats in the past but they are pretty close to a fedora to be mistaken for them but are damn nice hats if you have to wear one.


Yeah, if you’re going to write about hats, at least learn what it is you’re talking about. The hipster hat is the trilby. Which shouldn’t be consigned to oblivion for that reason either, but it’s a completely different hat. Almost no one in the US wears fedoras.


I wear a flatcap/newsboy in the winter. I would consider a Panama hat in the summer. The former carries a whiff of Hipster, but the connotations are more “vegan fixie-riding gentleman who enjoys PBR” rather than “pernicious douchebag.” The latter may get you mistaken for Cuban if you live in Miami and have the right skin tone. Do not pair with socks and sandals.


It’s just a hat.


I get so sick of the fashion and the fascism, makes me crazy, wanna try a little smashism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ipCvagf8tg


Bleh. I used to wear a fedora way before it was cool and then uncool to wear one.

Actually I still wear one in the winter if I am wearing a nice overcoat. I have a nice trench coat and a vintage 70s wool long coat that look good with it. I don’t just wear it all the time any more.


I love my Tilley (T5?). Well, I say ‘my’, but I stole it off my dad, really.


About 20 years ago, whenever I was out-a-doors I wore my Filson:
Original Hat - Tin Cloth | Filson

Kinda basic and won’t win any fashion awards – even if you stick a lovely fly in the band…


“A widely-recognized symbol of douchebaggery”?

Jeezus, is there anything at all that prissy self-righteous Modern Moralists won’t wax judgemental about?

Detecting douchebags by hat style? Sure, that sounds reliable.

You realize, I hope, that that will only work in a deeply conformist society where no one dares to wear clothing that is ‘inappropriate’ for their particular style tribe, and reads the popular press obsessively to determine the very very latest in what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’.

Such a weird combination of social insecurity and judgemental self-righteousness.

But as long as you feel superior about yourself when you’re done, I guess…


Some people did in the 80’s. Just watch an old Duran Duran concert film, and you’ll see many. Not me, though, I look uniformly terrible in every hat.

@crenquis: Wear one in olive drab for maximum effect. :wink:



No doubt the confusion arises because they’re both named after the hat worn by the eponymous heroine in the first staging of a 19th century play.


I hope you have a lot of fun bullying people over their clothes, bodies, and social awkwardness.


The truth about hats with brims is they’re terrible on windy days…they’re basically kites. But I’m still hanging on to my old Dobbs Weathermaster. It’s an umbrella for my head.


This is the same kind of fashion-bullying that “cool” people have always done, just in a new package.


it’s actually about ethics in sartorial choices