Barbie's Ken is now sporting a manbun


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And yet Barbie still can’t stand up on her own two feet.



Does hipster Ken come with a latte and an iPhone?


It is nothing without the romper.



Oh, but Ken has been there, done that; I literally had this outfit for him circa early1980s:



Real hipsters use flip phones.


Maybe Ken is Sikh


The manbun doesn’t bother me.

But there is something… disturbing about the way his head attaches to his neck.



MUCH cooler.


Where the hell is follicly-challenged Ken?


The only barbie I really wanted.

She’s like “Oh well Bother”


Ken the knot-top.


are they even using some type of contouring for the eye sockets there.
Or just some type of decal that will wear off and look REALLY REALLY SPOOKY later.




Now I want devout Muslim Ken.


This is what really stunned me about this hairdoo. 30 years after Watchmen we have real life knot-tops.


I still remember when John Belushi made the mistake of saying 'Yo Mama!" to Richard Pryor while they were both doing the samurai thing. Belushi was famous for NEVER, EVER stepping out of that character. Until Pryor gave him that look and Belushi just went “Sorry, sorry” and stepped away.