Clip-on man bun


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Who said Groupon’s days of glory had passed?


Trying not to vomit.


Because buns are just too feminine and we can’t use lady clip on buns. They are not manly enough.



Surely I am not the first to think, two of those would make a good Princess Leia costume.


Part of me wants to scream “tragically hip!”

But then I remind myself that once upon a time, the well dressed gentleman would not leave his home were he not wearing a perfumed and powdered wig.



Making fun of people is awesome! Right guys? Who should we make fun of next?


The usual! We’ll make fun of whatever those younger, more fashionable people than us come up with. The jerks.


I thought we were making fun of a weird product. What’d I miss?

Excuse me while I go yell at clouds, because for the life of me, I can’t figure out who would actually buy one of these and wear it without irony.


For the record, I would totally rock a blow dried mullet if it wasn’t for the imminent threat of being judged by everyone. Conformity is just another word for cowardice.



Live your dreams, man. You’ll look great. Also, now I’ll judge you if you don’t.


No fucking way in hell. Even if I had hair.


The growing obsession with judging men for their hairstyles is kind of bothersome. You gotta be careful because one day you’ll make fun of a man, but he’s not cis-gendered, and then shit is really going to hit the fan. Until then though, pile on!


I will be so glad when the man bun goes finally out of fashion. And get off my damn lawn.


I do not like clip on ties and I do not like this.
Take a few minutes to learn to tie a tie.
Take a few years to grow your hair into a bun.
There is nothing masculine about shortcuts… or, no, wait, nvm.


You clearly missed footballers in the UK in the 1980’s. That was the real era of men with bad hair.


That’s me about 10 years ago, when I didn’t cut my hair for most of the year.

EDIT: You’re welcome!