Amazingly weird results when people draw a "bicycle" from memory


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isn’t this a repeat from a month ago?


Comment in the bike thread, not an actual front-page posting:


Those look pretty cool.


The all-wheel drive off-road bike could be awesome.


Nothing says SEXY more than a “recumbent bike”.


Its the “come to bed” sandals with socks that sell the sexy look.


I prefer the cumbent ones.


That last one definitely looks like a mens’. (s.b. stencil on side for a US bike: HEAVY DAY) If you could pedal it despite the fat (same sided!) tires in the way, it’s immediately the most hostile Rolex Oyster diving watch out there (depending on your willingness to imagine the nightmare of your watch hitching with great momentum to everything from sari to daisy dukes to octopus skin as you stroll.) Really works as a follow-on to the one with faring, above it.


That contraption has three wheels - doesn’t that make it a trike?


The number of people who apparently think the chain goes to both wheels… how do you turn the front one?? I WAS going to come here and also say “why would you even need the chain to go to both wheels?” But your comment answered my question I suppoose X-D


Once again you have found me out, Sir or Madam. I salute you!


Is it an actual law or just a rigidly enforced social norm that all recumbent riders must have beards?


I see your sexy recumbent and raise you a sexy forward facing recumbent.


It does cause arousal, indeed.


We prefer the term up-cycled



Man, that must work wonders on the abdominals .


I wonder if they make a tandem?


I dunno. I think the cushion would have to be placed farther back for that: