Amazon asks FAA for drone restriction exemption, reveals details about its UAVs


Great. Now my packages will be full of bullet holes from people trying to shoot the drone down.

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Hmm, just big enough and apparently just fast enough to do some real damage when it crashes.
Presumably the “will only fly under 400 feet” is only for testing purposes, as that would either necessitate traveling only over public land, or trespassing by traveling in non-public airspace above private property.

All part of the plan for Amazon to become a military contractor as well as providing support to local law enforcement agencies.


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What are the chances that one of America’s top-10 retailers has that kind of clout?
“Hi, FAA, we’re big and rich, give us an exemption or we’ll make a drone delivery you cannot resist.”

Now all I need to do is get one of those net guns used in capturing wildlife, and be quick about paintballing any cameras on said drone, then locating and destroying any electronics on the drone itself that may allow location/tracking…

I can’t imagine that this could possibly be a viable (economically) method of delivery when package delivery services are relatively inexpensive and widespread.

If I need something faster than the UPS man can bring it there are these places called stores. The only way I will accept these in my neighborhood is if the drone strikes children, pets, and wildlife softly enough to do no harm if it malfunctions.

Now come on that’s really unfair. What happens when the UPS man strikes children and pets?

I live in a fifth-floor walk-up and I think these drones are a great idea - I’d much rather collect my packages from my roof both for the added security and reduced stair climbing!

The UPS truck in my neighborhood is driven by a responsible person who is less indifferent to life than an inanimate object and he has the advantage of operating at ground level where he does not have to maneuver around the many trees and power lines in the area,

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Yes, I like UPS guys too, I just couldn’t resist.

Ground level?! That’s where I keep all my kids & pets & most of my wildlife!


Makes sense for low population areas. For example, it would be great for remote/rural locations. The expense of delivery, especially “fast” delivery, to these locations is something they are probably trying to solve. UAV delivery might be the solution.

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