Amazon Dash buttons on sale today for 99 cents

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I hope I’m not alone in thinking the entire concept of a networked button manufactured and installed for the purpose of placing an order for a commodity automatically from a single distributor is a terrible concept, a perfect storm of Id, consumerism, and monopoly.


it’s not that bad, the button can be repurposed - see the last link in the article. and even using the thing as planned is not inherently evil, it’s not as if Amazon can prevent the purchase of condoms from a different supplier.



Do they sell a button that orders better impulse control?


I have a Dash button for ordering more of them.


You aren’t alone. There are likely dozens of cranky cohorts out there.

I have a button installed for dog food. It is attached to the side of the dog food storage containers and when the dog food level is getting low, I just push the button and a day later dog food shows up.

We’re ordering more buttons for other consumables.

If Amazon is a monopoly, it’s because other companies aren’t even trying anymore. Staples had the button idea many years ago, but it was nothing more than a gimmick.

I have never in my life ordered anything from Anazon. And I am happy.

But I have read their reviews from time to time.

Thank goodness for this. I find it too hard to purchase my merchandise, and need a high-tech unitasker to do it for me.


   –$990,000.00     buy 1 million Dash buttons for $0.99 each
   –$990,000.00     order 1 million Dash buttons using the first million Dash buttons
+$5,000,000.00     receive $5.00 in Amazon credit for each Dash button so ordered

This business plan can’t fail!


Me too!


Yes but it costs money every time you press it.


[quote=“Ignatius, post:11, topic:81249, full:true”]Yes but it costs money every time you press it.

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I get “do one thing and do it well”, but there is also a life cycle to consider. Didn’t see anything on Amazon’s site about the button afterlife. Here’s a thing:

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Then where do all the calculators go?

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Thrift stores? Although I still haven’t parted with my TI-85… :slight_smile: At least calculators are useful!

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Still got my HP-35! Batteries are dead, though.

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