Trojan condoms Amazon Dash button


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Smart mattress alerts you when your spouse cheats on you

My printer has Dash integrated in its OS (so it can automatically reorder toner when it thinks you are low, which on my printer seems to be when there are 4000 pages left). Why don’t condoms have the same functionality?


Which is why I saw an ad for other items? That ad did puzzle me.


Wait…you just affiliate linked to a “Trojan” :grinning:


These are going to be extremely popular among college dudes who will spend hours finding just exactly the right location near the bed to prominently display them.

(Don’t forget to dust them frequently, fellas! Otherwise it spoils the effect!)


The internet of sexy things…


Even though they will turn it into some sort of bro-tude thing, anything that keeps them from breeding is good.

Edited to add: Hey AMAZON! If you really want to make some money add a visible counter to this particular dash button. Gameify it. They will go nuts trying to out order each other. lol


This is dumber than a box of Trumps


Box of Trumps? I thought you ordered Trumps by volume…


Well, sure, if you order Trumps made in China


That’s like saying colder than absolute zero… :smirk:


Remember when, no matter how ironclad your virginity, you could look like a badass by “just happening” to have a condom in your wallet? That. Except the IoT version.

Be sure and disable the damn thing - you wouldn’t want an actual box of condoms every time you sat down.


I’ll put it next to this one…


been there, done read that

It may sound less likely than hell freezing over, but physicists have created an atomic gas with a sub-absolute-zero temperature for the first time. Their technique opens the door to generating negative-Kelvin materials and new quantum devices, and it could even help to solve a cosmological mystery.

Quantum gas goes below absolute zero


Well thanks, I was looking forward to an afternoon without a semantics crisis.


afternoon? it’s half past midnight hereabouts!


To some people time zones are like ‘suddenly turning a pyramid upside down, and it doesn’t fall apart’.


“The WiFi reception in here SUCKS…”


is there a button for small/med/large?


Oh hi, I’d just like to point out to people that use Dash buttons. I will press these, wherever I see them, no matter what they buy.

So please have lots.

And don’t think you’re immune because I will never be in your house, I’m like Ultron in that respect, there are lots of me and we will press these buttons wherever we see them, whatever they buy.

So please have lots.