Amazon employees snapped up NYC real estate before headquarters announcement

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I am so glad Amazon did not come here.


Smart move. Property around the Crystal City Va. area is platinum now. It was already gold.

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Interesting. It’s illegal to engage in insider trading, but I don’t think there are any laws on insider property buying.

IIRC home sales are public records… Maybe it would be possible to detect a possible office opening through monitoring of residential housing purchases?


Christ, what assholes.

Christ what RICH assholes.

Christ, what late-stage capitalists.


Just like the railroad barons and executives did in the 1800s. And no doubt many examples before then.


I doubt the news was generally announced inside the company. Was it just a special high-level grapevine?

If I was one of the people slated to be transferred, but didn’t get advance warning of the location, I’d be pissed off.


They passed on San Diego, and good riddance to them.


Once a company decides to move people, I should imagine things start into the pipeline as soon as possible since there have to be “boots on the ground” to make the entire dance come off at all.

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Well it usually isn’t JUST the high level people in the know. They have admin assistants etc. And many of them smoke. And spend time hanging out with the other smokers. The saying in my office is that if my co-worker ever quit, I’d have to start smoking because otherwise we would NEVER know what is going on.


You’re spot on more than you think! Look at the photo of Bezos again on BB’s post page and tell me if you don’t agree: that’s not a contact lens, that’s a miniature monocle!

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My spouse is an EA and privy to very high level corporate strategy info. Typically super-secret projects come with confidentiality agreements that promise termination if leaked. Not to say it doesn’t happen but infosec is probably as good or better than government sector

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Anyone wanting an advance heads-up on Amazon’s plans could have watched all the possible cities for a selective spike in real estate sales.

I am quite certain some enterprising stock trader is doing just that. The lengths those people go to read tea leaves is insane.

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Then maybe stop being an Amazon affiliate?

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They certainly will be now

So, if this is so terrible, why do you support Amazon through affiliate links?

That’s like, two blocks from where I used to live. I hope my old landlord, Fred still owns his building.