Amazon employees snapped up NYC real estate before headquarters announcement

You’re spot on more than you think! Look at the photo of Bezos again on BB’s post page and tell me if you don’t agree: that’s not a contact lens, that’s a miniature monocle!

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My spouse is an EA and privy to very high level corporate strategy info. Typically super-secret projects come with confidentiality agreements that promise termination if leaked. Not to say it doesn’t happen but infosec is probably as good or better than government sector

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Anyone wanting an advance heads-up on Amazon’s plans could have watched all the possible cities for a selective spike in real estate sales.

I am quite certain some enterprising stock trader is doing just that. The lengths those people go to read tea leaves is insane.

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Then maybe stop being an Amazon affiliate?

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They certainly will be now

So, if this is so terrible, why do you support Amazon through affiliate links?

That’s like, two blocks from where I used to live. I hope my old landlord, Fred still owns his building.

Agree. Here we woke up to find Google will build a data center here and that the city gave this billion dollar corporation millions of dollars in tax breaks.

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Insider trading of real estate. There may be new laws coming now that prohibit that.

Why, this is the very thing that built the railroads! :tophat:

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Don’t bet on it. This has been going on for a long time. The people making the laws are not interested in changing it anytime soon.

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There are no laws against insider trading in real estate, to my knowledge, but R.E.I.T.s on the other hand, and any other publicly-traded instrument backed by real estate….

Let"s get the President on this: he hates Bezos, and though all his real estate scams tended to be characteristically juvenile, he might know some of the right lawyers even if he’s never used them because they’re more competent than loyal. Joe Kennedy was put in charge of the first S.E.C. for a reason, and better the national D.T. case paid attention to this than anything else.

So, what else does your private sector EA spouse tell you?


True. Insider stuff has always been one of the attractions for the job of creating law.

It sounds funny but ur absolutely right! Cause if u think about the only other time folks will get together like that is literally at the water cooler! And people don’t really talk ‘talk’ at the cooler for fear the wrong person may hear! I think these guys are genius’s! Theyr just trying to get ahead! LEGALLY! Lol

And fuck all the poors who are going to lose their homes, amirite! /s


none of this should be much of a surprise to anyone who watches their behavior at home and abroad. if only their behavior could be checked by governmental bodies who regard their behavior as abnormal and suboptimal. oh, wait . . .--

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I’m with you on that, yet it’s governmental bodies that gave the high sign. And I’d be very surprised if no one in said bodies also leveraged off knowledge of the Amazon deal.

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