Amazon Fire Phone for $159, includes one year of Prime

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I would just pay for the year of prime


What don’t you like about the phone? I’ve heard good things about it. Is there a $59 smart phone that you could recommend instead?

If it’s anything like the Kindle Fire, then I don’t like Amazon’s ecosystem. It’s great for books, and… that’s pretty much it, in my experience. That’s fine for a Kindle Fire in the sense that I mainly read books on it, but if the Fire phone is at all the same in that regard, I don’t want it. Also, my Kindle Fire was kind of shoddy, it has had the (apparently very common) issue of headphones not working properly. Where I (just started) work, I’ve been told we get a lot of people bringing in their Kindles with issues not long after buying them.

I’ll wait for Amazon to address the app issue, and then I’ll consider it.

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“Not compatible with CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint”

Well, that leaves me out.

i’d buy one if they’d make that offer available in canada. (hint hint amazon web parsing robot overlords)

Can you nuke it and stick cyanogenmod or some other android variant on it (without simultaneously nuking your “agreement” with amazon) so you’re not stuck with [carrier], especially when out of the country, or so you can get rid of whatever pre-selected ‘can’t delete’ apps amazon and/or google have chosen for you? If so, this is a great deal. Otherwise, locked phones are locked phones, and this may work for you but not for me.

Basically it is like a Kindle tablet (like the Fire), only smaller. Which means that it isn’t stock Android and feels a bit “off” if you aren’t used to Amazon’s version of Android. But no more off than say, a Samsung Galaxy, at least to me.

“a replacement phone for when my daughter drops her iPhone in the toilet”

That’ll teach her to keep better care of her phones!

No ROMs, but you can now load Google Play, and thus get outside Amazon’s ecosystem. It isn’t carrier locked, just GSM, so T-Mobile or ATT in the USA.

And sale is over.

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