Amazon Fire Stick

There aren’t necessarily an infinite number of usable channels available within any given timeframe, so you’re gambling on wireless technology and implementation and allocation/distribution advancing faster than your local wireless population density is increasing. And if you live alone in the Maine woods, that’s probably a fine strategy.

By contrast, running a cat6 wire will work no matter what - even if your neighbor sticks a coathanger in his microwave, or sets up an illegally overpowered radio transmitter, or gets a cheap chinese baby monitor, or has bad spark plug wires on his car, etc. etc. etc. Proper wiring is mostly immune to RFI that even frequency-hopping schemes can’t manage, and totally immune to wireless congestion.

But I don’t really want to tell you what to do; the whole idea of directing the actions of others bores me beyond my ability to describe. You now understand the reasoning behind my rejection of wireless video streamers, and you may do whatever you wish with the information. :smile_cat:

And I will admit that I find these kinds of conversations highly amusing, but then again I laugh maniacally whenever I get coal-rolled, too, so I’m probably missing a few marbles.

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