Good deal on Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device

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Half off for me in the US at least. Not a bad deal. Keep in mind that the next generation of fire tv stick is expected this fall. It’s still pretty good hardware especially for the price.

The bluetooth remotes for the 'stick family are very good. I’ve owned the first and second gen sticks and they have been pretty easy to use. But they’re getting pretty slow with all the ‘features’ Amazon is pushing out to the devices. The first gen is almost unuseable. The second gen is getting there. I suspect that it’ll join the first gen this fall when they push out the new features with the new model this fall. Might just pick one of these up.

Did not work for me. “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase”, says Amazon (US). Such is life.

That’s strange. Worked for me seconds after I posted.

I tried it several times, both from the link provided in the story and “directly” (via search on Amazon), and it consistently refused it. Not really a problem, as I was actually going to order one of these today anyway at the regular price, but it did get my hopes up only to dash them upon the rocky shoals of despair.

Worked for me at 17:00 pdt 8 July. I’ve been waiting for a discount to buy this - thanks so much for the tip!

Worked for me. Did you use all-caps?

Yes. I tried it a few times just typing it in, and at least once using a copy+paste from the story - no luck. Que sera, sera.

Very strange. Worked fine for me. In fact this is this first time I’ve bought something linked through a “promo article” on any site. I’d been thinking about getting one for my spouse anyway, and this popped up.

My father tried it and it said that the code was only valid for people who had received the offer. That’s an odd error message. I received mine and it works great. I’ll probably buy the new one coming out this fall and replace the second gen device as well. (Had a first and second in operation, now have second and third. In the fall, maybe a third and fourth)

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