Fire TV Stick 4K is a huge improvement over old model

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I just got a normal one in January, it does voice and turns off the tv set and I can adjust volume.

Unfortunately the bluetooth transmitter doesn’t seem to allow volume adjust, so you’re supposed to do it at the receiver. Not so great when the e ceiver is a hearing aid.

I saw no point in getting the 4K version since I only have an HDTV tv set, not extra high definition.

During the high heat last week it acted up, but I can’t be sure it was the stick. It did seem overly hot and turning things off for a bit got things going again.

Minewas at sale at Amazon, but out of stock, so the sale was over when I could get it. Just after it was shipped, they put it on sale again. I think I paid fifty dollars in Canada, not much for a computer that wouldn’t previously been so cheap.

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To every remote designer everywhere: backlit buttons or GTFO!


It sounds like this model has Alexa built-in, right? I wonder if it’s still an improvement without it. :thinking:

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On the models with Alexa it’s impossible to change inputs without using Alexa, so versions without are objectively better.


Use a Harmony remote or GTFOH.

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I have one is just as lousy as the other one I want to get a Fire compatible TV

What kind of fucked up bullshit design is this?


What do you mean ‘impossible to change inputs’? Do you mean CEC signaling to activate the HDMI port the stick is plugged into? Because this device can do that without using Alexa. You just press the Home button and it will signal over CEC to have its input activated.

Honestly, that’s the nicest feature of this device. It allows me to activate it with just two presses–power button turns on the TV and tuner and the home button selects the right input. That’s way better than using the tuner’s remote which takes four key presses to do the same thing.

The remote also acts as a TV remote. You can hold down the home button to switch to the fire stick but if you want to switch to any other input you have to use Alexa, if it’s like my model.

once you learn the amazon remote you can do it with your eyes closed. It doesn’t have a ton of buttons to begin with.

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Errrm, it’s been out for 2 years

And there will likely be a new one this fall as well if they keep up their two year cycle. Expect more sales on it in the future. Last time I looked, it had been reduced to 34.99 (from 49.99).

Phew. I was beginning to wonder what I’d been talking to for the past couple of years.

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