Good deal: Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote + Echo Dot

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I “Meh.” the Meh that destroys worlds.

Yeah, I mean, it doesn’t do as much as my old laptop running Kodi. And I already have a chromecast.

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So the Fire TV Stick is like ‘You want schlemeils? I’ll show you the new batch of schlemeils!’ and the Alexa Voice Remote is all ‘If you -had- wanted documentaries rather than narrative fiction you should just ask’ while the Dot is all ‘My neighbor’s former house’s neighbors made this great great can’t-miss Fast-Zombi thing in 1994 where Chuck Norris or his character is really at 100 percent do you want that? We can find it in a few iterations or alternate worlds, maybe take 20 minutes to settle there via Vimeo…’

Also, Amazon Fire’s menu navigation is a disaster of UI design incompetence.

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