Fire TV stick with Alexa voice remote: $20

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@frauenfelder I’ve used all three for an extended period and i prefer the Roku.

The Apple TV has a beautiful, polished interface which works really well but the touch-pad remote occasionally spazzes out and you have to go through a specific set of steps to reset it. Also here in the UK there are a lack of key TV apps. Also the screensaver is mesmerising.

The Amazon Fire has a fine interface but lacked a few apps that i deem critical. Most importantly though, and the killer for me, the remote doesn’t have volume control! Why for the love of god does it not have volume control?!?!

The Roku has ALL the apps, volume control and just works really well. The Streaming Stick + is an impressive little device.


We bought a Fire Stick a few weeks ago, and we are very disappointed with how often it buffers. It displays a message that the wireless connection is weak, but I can go to my iPad and continue watching the show that buffered on Fire Stick and it streams perfectly. We will be returning to Roku soon.

We have an old laptop with a shonky hinge stuffed down the back of the cabinet the TV lives on, and Unified Remote installed on our phones. 'S fine.

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In light of Edward Snowden’s shining a light on government collusion with Big Tech Co’s, there’s no way we’re putting an always-on microphone in our house.

Thanks but no.


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