New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote is a big improvement over the previous model

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The first gen Fire TV Stick could be purchased with the Alexa remote as well. The GPU on the second gen is actually weaker than the first gen as are the indivudual CPU cores. A 1.2GHz A9 beats a 1.3GHz A7 by a good margin. So, unless the task parallels well, that’s a step back as well.

The move to dual band AC is a very big improvement which might make a difference for some people in poor wireless situations. But, if your router is nearby, you might just want to stick with the old, err, Stick.

Also, Amazon says it’s out of stock until 2017/3/2.

My first gen Fire TV stick could not handle the HBO Go app without glitches, usually an audio delay problem, where my first gen Fire TV has no problems. Ugh, GoT with bad audio was bad. I wonder if the faster processor means it will less challenged by that app?

Voice control: for when pushing those buttons is just too much exercise.

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Ever tried to to “type” with just a cursor pad and an enter key?


I have two Fire TV boxes, not the sticks.I went with the boxes instead of the sticks for two reasons: 4k, and ethernet ports. I have ethernet connections behind my TVs, and using them reduces the number of things that can go wrong with streaming video.

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I was to order the new Google Chromecast gen2 today. Any peeps out there compare the Fire with the newest Chromecast?

They’re not very similar. The Chromecasts are basically screen sharing devices. They require some other device to tell them what to do. While the Fire TV devices are standa alone video playback devices. They can also do some limited screen sharing–I think they support miracast or similar.

Android TV devices are a more apt comparison to the Fire TV devices.


Swell, thanks.

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