Amazon shareholders to vote on proposal to stop selling racially biased facial surveillance software to governments

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That photo you used reminds me of the packaging for the game You Don’t Know Jack. Intentional or coincidental?

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This measure will probably be voted down, since the majority of shares are owned by folks looking for a good investment rather than not doing evil.

Boycott Amazon.

So today it costs at least $1,845.70 to vote.

Do you get voting rights if you own ETFs? I know a lot of civic minded folks who invest via index funds. You may have voting rights you weren’t aware of if Amazon is in the basket…

why would i do that when I can be smug about not shopping at wal mart, a store with no branches accessible to me, an urban dweller, and have bezos send me sundries with <24 hour turnaround time? :wink:

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