Amazon threatened to fire two tech workers who spoke about climate and Amazon's business, then 357 more workers joined them

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The lawyer in the human resources group, Eric Sjoding, advised Costa in the Nov. 22 email to “review the policy again and in the future anytime you may consider speaking about Amazon’s business in a public forum.”

Heh! He has both his LinkedIn and Twitter accounts locked down.


That specific wording … it’s like online TOS have worked their way in to HR contracts; you’d better read it on a regular basis because we reserve the right to make unannounced and retroactive changes whenever it suits us.


Part of the issue here is also how much they obsess over quick delivery to the point where i have had them send me everything in single individual boxes separately delivered at different times when a single delivery would’ve been better.

I know they do offer the ability to delay shipments but not to hold and consolidate packages if possible. I’ve also had the need to delay packages by more than a week, which is something they do not offer… then again most places don’t either.


Collective action - you love to see it!

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