Amazon won't say how many accounts were affected in security lapse


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Nope. Use a long (over 12 characters) password. On sites that store your password properly, which would include Amazon, a nice long password will not be cracked after a breach. Frequent password changes just increase the likelihood that you will accidentally lock yourself out of the account. Especially if something goes wrong with whatever password manager you use, or with the synching process across your various devices.


I got the email. It was very lame — was almost difficult to tell if it was real, as it treated the issue in such a banal fashion.

But at the end of the day, it’s an email address and name. I assume those items are widely, widely distributed at this point. Everyone should assume their basic info is floating around out there.

This is why I use strong passwords, check my credit card and bank account balances almost daily, etc. Might as well stay vigilant using the means Inhave available to me. It’s not enough, but it’s all we have.


Won’t GDPR make them give some level of detail on the breach?


I haven’t got the email but considering how old it is how much I have used it elsewhere… they probably already have that email address for something. Not like I use it for secure things anyway.



I got one too. I use one email address for Bozos like Bezos and another for real people. Cuts down on this bullshit, except for this time.


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