Amazon data breach


I received an email. Did you, too?


No/not yet. On the balance, not that bad considering my email is basically my name and is publicly searchable.

ETA: I feel like we should just maintain a megathread for data breaches, they’ve gotten so common. I just got mail from Newegg explaining that my credit card might be compromised.


what @reactionabe said.
considering where that email address is used and how old it is I am sure it is on a bunch of lists already.
hell I got a gmail account when it was invite only and for funs did nothing with it and got spam mail within a month.


Nope. Not yet.


First rule of creating a new mail alias, spam will arrive before any real messages. Been true for me at least.


Speaking of, someone on r/buildapc accused Newegg of selling pirated copies of Windows licenses this week. Total blowup.


I have not, but you can’t be too careful.

(…furiously deletes 55 gallon tub of lube from browsing history…)

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