Email firm left 809 million records exposed online

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809 million. Is that “bad” anymore? Or is it just another day? I just don’t know.


Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!


I was on Dixons Freeserve for a while.

Counting back, I think I must have had 20 or more email addresses, from the early days on Compuserve before the WWW, to my latest work address. I’ve also moved house seven times in the same period. .

Therefore, although it seems as if there are only a few thousand people in the world whose personal data hasn’t been exposed by their government or the corporations entrusted with keeping personal data safe, perhaps actually most of these records are defunct and worthless.


don’t remember what came next yahoo was making waves when I got a compaq laptop

So basically we have a company that does not mind sending unsolicited emails showing they ALSO don’t care about protecting you either…

Sleazy behavior leads invariably to dangerous and possible illegal behavior in my experience.

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Well, on the one hand, if you’re in the 809M group, then, yeah, that’s bad. OTOH, when are “the collective we” going to WTFU and realize that computers and their goddamn networks are inherently insecure?! Seriously. What moron ever thought back in the day: hmmm…let’s put banking information in a computer and then connect it to the phone lines!

You know what it is tho? It’s the fucking convenience. We’re slaves to it. It’s so damn easy, we just can’t resist. But the gangsters have always been right on this one. It’s like that line in Goodfellas that goes something like: “Pauly never used the phone. He wouldn’t even have one in the house.” And then later in the movie Jimmy Conway says to Henry something like: “I’ve been telling you your whole fucking life to stay off the fucking phone!”


Sorry, I left off “/s”. I thought the weariness of my response made it unnecessary.

My point was, this is a never ending cavalcade of fuckery, and any expectation that info we’ve put out onto the net will remain private, even info about us that is put out there by a third party, and will remain private is obviously a pipe dream.

The fact that Equifax hasn’t been destroyed, or even punished, due to their breaches shows our current governing politicians don’t care, and won’t care until it impacts them somehow.

So now our last hope is that when these breaches happen, they are so large that our individual information is a needle in a huge haystack. Or that we’ve manged to get this far without revealing too much about ourselves. Which again, thanks to corporations like Equifax and Facebook collecting everything they are allowed to collect, is impossible.

So, another breach, another day.

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That marketing email database that exposed 809 million contact records? Maybe make that two-BILLION-plus

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Hello, haystack.

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