Amazon's Kindle web browser finally good

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Is this something you’ve noticed with a recent update? I have 15.6.3.blah.blah.blah, but apparently there’s a 15.6.4 that is available which my Paperwhite isn’t yet recognizing for some reason. Tbh, the browser has been pretty usable for a while on my Paperwhite, but I’d love more functionality. Currently the main limitations are intrinsic to e-paper’s limitations (eg. no smooth scrolling).

Also; last year I found a great little tool that I use when I encounter a long-form article I don’t want to read on my phone or laptop. Push To Kindle does a great job of rendering web articles into Kindle format with adjustable fonts and well-rendered images that leaves behind various web cruft like ads. It essentially does this as quickly as I can hit the shortcut and fire up my Kindle. And of course you get all of the great features like notes and quotations.


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