The Kindle Oasis is stupid expensive and stupid lovely to use

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(looks at the twelve 6 foot bookcases crammed full of books that line the walls of the living room)
Only hundreds? Amateurs.


I think the paperwhite was amazon’s windows xp. They are struggling for reasons for people to upgrade.


I agree–I think it’s the best e-reader ever made. I used one for years. But being able to step up to a waterproof model with a larger display that’s better for reading periodicals and comic books was a compelling reason to upgrade. I reviewed the Water-fi aftermarket upgrade for the Paperwhite. But it doesn’t address the issue of the display taking a fit every time that it comes into contact with liquid. The 2017 Oasis does.


Seamus, how does the Paperwhite do with comics?

Eh, it’s OK–but the display is smaller than I’d like for reading comics on. The 2017 Kindle Oasis has a brighter, larger display than the Paperwhite does, which makes it a bit nicer for reading comics and graphic novels with. But, if you’re looking for a mainstream e-reader that’s really great with comic books, check out the Kobo Aura One. It’s sized well for reading graphic content, without being monstrously huge. It also does a really nice job with content from Pocket and you can easily read ebooks borrowed from libraries on it, too.

This^. I am not happy w/ the Paperwhite I’ve had for 2 1/2 years b/c of the occasional huge page-leaps it makes upon page turns (meaning you don’t know where in the book you landed or how to get back to where you were). Amazon hasn’t resolved that issue and I am loathe to have to spend money for another device – especially from Amazon – because they haven’t solve that problem.

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Thats not what I meant though. For Microsoft, windows was feature complete with XP. After that they had to invent new features to justify new products. For me the paperwhite kindle was the same. There are better kindles out there but for me the extra features don’t justify the cost of upgrading.

Sorry to hear about the issues you have had. I haven’t seen those problems myself, but there is obviously a bug in the system somewhere which you have struck.

Oddly I have that issue with my ipad with another app (Marvin), and I haven’t had it with my Kindle (I think it’s a paperwhite). It often skips ahead several pages when I close it. I strongly suspect it’s user error but I haven’t figured out what yet.

I kind of inherited the ipad a month or two after I bought Kindle; it’s the pro model and a bit too large for comfortable reading. I end up using the Kindle at home and the ipad on the road because of better app support (including Scrivener).

I’m still on my K3 - I look at the newer models every now and then, but until the battery dies there’s nothing compelling me to upgrade. The physical page turn buttons on both sides is a feature I will really hate to lose.

I do not know if it is available where you live but in Japan there is a special manga model Paperwhite

Well said. I’ve had the Paperwhite for years, and I recently decided to upgrade. I tried both the Oasis and the Voyage and didn’t find either of them worth the extra money.

I’m fond of my Kindle Fire 7 (2015), but it’s got a smaller screen, so I’m not sure how it would handle comics. (I’ll have to try it.) My main frustration is the limited selection of apps available in the Amazon Appstore. I understand I can sideload the Google Play Store, but I haven’t done it yet. Besides reading, I play games (solitare, Temple Run 2, cryptograms), listen to music, watch videos, even sketch a bit with Autodesk Sketchbook. It’s a fun little gadget.

I got my father the Kindle Fire 8 HD for Christmas. He hasn’t gotten too deeply into it yet, but he’s read a couple of books so far and liked it. Neither one of us wants to give up paper books completely, but it’s a nice reading experience. And I love having tons of books at my fingertips.

“The Kindle Oasis is stupid expensive…”
Says the guy from his 40 ft RV. :+1:

That’s why I upgraded to the Kindle Voyage.

I miss our RVing days, mainly in a Rialta. If there’d been an Oasis then I definitely would have chosen it for reading on the road. This was a lovely essay. Thanks.

Investigating now, thank you

It sounds really silly, but I’d like a Kindle with a remote control. Have it on a gooseneck arm, and you could be all under the covers, and still be able to read.Or curl up in the chair, and not have to hold it up. Can you tell I’m lazy?


Somebody gets to add conductive fibers to their head scratcher/ticklers and possibly clear gypsy chairs all over.

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Said what?