New Kindle?

Kinda funky looking, if this is accurate. Good for southpaws?

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definitely maybe the new kindle

Kindle Oasis, eh? I’ll take two!!

The case has extra battery and docks in the rear. For 20 months of battery life, wow.

Thank God they did away with that hideous, hideous origami cover.

  • 131 grams (0.29lbs), 20% lighter than past models
  • 3.4 millimeters at its thinnest point and 8.5 millimeters at its thickest
  • same 300ppi screen
  • 60 percent increase in number of LEDs so more uniform backlighting

Gah! Looks like I’ma have to wait at least another generation for a decent, mass produced, colour e-ink display.

One day I will carry all my comics around with me!


My dream since the ’90s! Have you been following IMod (Mirasol) displays?


Have now!

Ooh! Oooh!

Only current full colour use seems to be this watch

And apple appear to have just bought the lab:

Hopefully not just to make watches with!

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Yeah that’s some incredibly cool tech.

Refresh rates are one big drawback I’ve heard of… and that they’re still so expensive (and rare) that I’ve never even seen one in person. But then, ten years ago a plasma TV would run you $10,000 or more.

Edit: shit… no, more like 15 years? (kids today, off my lawn, something something)


Wow, maybe Apple’s cash reserves will spur things along somewhat. Fingers crossed.

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Here’s hoping, I was convinced amazon were going to throw their weight behind a colour e-ink display this generation for some reason but if apple wants to, I might finally be convinced to buy one of their products.

And I could care less about the refresh time, I just want to be able to read a comic on a display that feels a bit like a comic. Reading them on a tablet would be possible, I guess, but the whole LCD thing ruins it for me.

I see the mirasol uses reflected light but seems to still be behind a shiny cover… although I guess even the kindle has had to find ways of dappling the surface to reduce the glare… lol

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The shininess is why I want to see a sample display in person.

The screen is just millions of tiny mirrors, so I can’t imagine it having a nice matte finish. Maybe they’ll manage satin?

And then again, maybe the shininess will just have a different quality from glare. (After all, glare obscures the image, but this reflected light is the image.)

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Also, when was the last time you saw a comic not printed on glossy stock?

I’m kinda pumped for this now.

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Hmm, it will need to be large format for comics.

I find the (full size, 12+ inch) iPad Pro is the best comics viewing device, since you can view in landscape and see portrait single pages at full res, and when the comics switch to double-page panels (which with some comics is annoyingly a lot of the time), it fits perfectly in “double-portrait” landscape with no effort on my part.


Announced, and $290! (and upwards)

Yeah spendy considering forced case inclusion and zero CPU or screen (other than brightness) improvements :frowning:

I read all of my comics on an iPad Air.

Works well except when the comics go double page landscape with any frequency, I always resented having to rotate the device constantly. Damn you comics!

I’m looking at you, All New X-Men!

Yeah, it pisses me off too.

Time to get the 12 inch iPad Pro! :wink:

My Kindle Oasis pre order will not arrive until early June, bah. I have very mixed feelings about forced inclusion of the battery / case, but it is innovative in the Surface Book way (I do not own one) where both halves contribute to the whole.

You went from ‘spendy’ to preorder pretty quickly…

I am a sucker for the state of the art eInk, and Reading Is Fundamental. They are amazing non-distraction devices because Tinder / Snapchat / Facebooks / Twitter doesn’t run on them.

I wonder when/if color will arrive.

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