Amazon's monopsony power: the other antitrust white meat

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Amazon will pay you to quit your job there, and open a Amazon delivery service. It’s true.

Anyone who shops at Whole Foods may have noticed the precipitous decline in some store-brand products since the Amazon acquisition.

This is obviously not a coincidence.


Hang on…how is Walmart not the epitome of this behavior at least a decade before Amazon? Entire books have been written on the subject.

This is not a new phenomenon.


It’s not a new phenomenon. It’s just new that the public discourse is being tolerant of its discussion right now.


I mean, or we could nationalize the Amazon along with the banks. It’s another good option.

Cory is right. Who cares about consumer prices when we have so screwed over small town American jobs that we have created a base for the worst president ever. Who by recent tariff actions has proven that he also doesn’t care about consumer prices.

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