Whole Foods lowers some prices as much as 43% and starts selling Echo on first day under Amazon


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“Alexa, when do we start boarding the Axiom?”


Me, the next time I step into my local Whole Foods…


lowers some prices as much as 43%

So an apple is like $1 US dollar, what a deal…

“responsibly farmed” Atlantic salmon filets fell to $9.99 per pound from $13.99, down almost 29 percent.

That’s less than Costco, so a good deal for fisheaters.


You should see their deals on asparagus water!


Gives me the wind something fierce.


I saw a bricks and mortar Amazon store in Atlanta recently.

It freaked me out a bit.


Conversely there are allot of empty brick and mortar stores here.


What I don’t understand is how price cuts this drastic are possible without passing down the price cuts to the farmers and producers themselves. Obviously WF/other crunchy supermarkets inflate the price of some items excessively, but what about things like Fair Trade? The whole point is it costs more because the producers get paid fairly, is organic/ethically produced, etc. So does the quality ultimately go down with the price? It seems like something has to give here.


I have always liked the selection of harder to find ingredients available at WF than a standard grocery store. Biggest issue was OFC their prices. I don’t mind paying a premium for something that is rarer in availability but standard fare just was ridiculously over priced (most produce and meats for example).

Good on amazon for this. I know three friends who work for WF who have been very happy with this change.


More reasonable prices on good-quality locally-sourced food is a sign of slovenliness and the destruction of the Earth?


I imagine Amazon is running these deals at a loss to hurt local competition and drive up interest in their new acquisition. I wouldn’t expect it to last.


So that $80 jar of honey I saw is now just a bit over $43? Bargain! Better stock up!


They are opening them all over the place these days – they are bookstores in that they have a small collection of books (displayed cover out rather than spine out) that are apparently top sellers on their web site. Also, they give Prime members a big discount – as cheap as online or thereabouts. Personally I don’t understand the trend to go brick & mortar – that’s the mistake Sears did going from a catalog to a physical store company.


I hear at some point they wanted to branch out from selling watches, too.


Grocery stores tend to be fairly competitive, Amazon entering the space won’t really change that. It might cause other businesses to try new things, which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion.


If Amazon gets rid of cashiers and checkout lines there won’t be any other place I shop apart from Trader Joes.

Currently my go-to supermarket has 10 checkout lanes of which only 3 or 4 are manned at any given time. Worse than rush hour traffic. Cart rage.

Alexa, Check me out!


I was just making a cheap joke.

But…I’d go to a farmer’s market if you want locally-sourced food. Just sayin’.


If I can swing by WFM and pick up my stuff ready to go, groceries and hardware both - I won’t bother with any other store - other than for convenience in the moment - either. WFM starts delivering at these prices and its a new marketplace.

or, really, since grocery delivery used to be pretty common, it’s a new version of an old marketplace.


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