American inequality is unequally distributed, and got lumpier after the Great Recession


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Conservative politicians and pundits like to scare their marks with talk about progressives agitating for class warfare, all the while waging war on the American middle class. Similar to how they cry about progressives promoting divisiveness via identity politics even as they make sure people of colour always get the short end of the stick.


It doesn’t matter, I’ll be a millionaire one day.


I was surprised to hear in one of the network evening news the other day something like “Next, we are going to tell you how the new tax law is going to affect people in every class in the country.” For a while, we were pretending to be a “classless” society, but not anymore. The closest that we can get now to classlessness is by watching our president and his republican sycophants.


Something the Republican party invented in the 60’s btw.


My response to talk of class warfare is to say it already is happening and people who work for a living are on the side being attacked.


Someone else said this here, but I’d like to repeat it:
What is going on right now is a Cold Civil War.


More than once, I ended up discussing with American people claiming that the USA has a classless society. Each time, it turned out they had a problem of definitions, mixing up “class” and “caste”.


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