American Sikh actor Waris Ahluwalia barred from US-bound flight because he refused to remove his turban

And when the rules are bullshit…

BTW You do know that a Sikh is not an Islamic fundamentalist, don’t you? They aren’t even Muslim. Stop stirring up shit, especially when you don’t know what you are talking about.


That’s because you’ve already done your rounding up. By any metric, Canada’s native population receives worse treatment and lives under more hardship than the African-American population. Here is an op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen Glavin: Canadians have no reason to be smug about race | Ottawa Citizen


That is a profoundly stupid post you have there. To have actually typed that out without your brain catching up and going ‘waiiiit a minute!’ is extraordinary.


I’m calling Poe’s Law on this one.


Well, hopefully.


AGAIN, I’m not saying we’re better, or the best. I’m just saying that NEITHER IS THE US. Cough cough Trail of Tears Cough.


“Neither is the US”? Who said the US was great here? No one. That’s who. No, you began with a comparative painting of Canada in the usual smug light Canadians often take. Your cough is a great example of that.

What if the U.S. just decided to invade your country for no good reason and bomb the hell out of you?

But it’s okay, the U.S. can make up its own rules.


Aw - you know we’re awesome. It’s why all of you are pressed up against the boarder like a beaver in a zoo. Staring… longing for that sweet, sweet taste of freedom and not having to have everything in French and English.

OK - fair enough. And for sure the US has a lot of racial issues to work through. Though you have to admit, the US is also a very popular target for criticism on everything - some of it warranted, some of it not. Yes we still have our share of loud mouthed clowns. But at the same time we have a very mixed group of people compared to most countries.

When I have visited out side my back door, I still see people put down “Pakis” or asians or black people. There are classic examples of various groups hating each other than still exist today (not all of it raced based, some of it ethnicity or nationality such as the Japanese opinion on the Chinese).

As I said above, it is easier to not be as outwardly racist if you aren’t around large groups of those people. One immigrant running your corner shop can be a fun novelty. But the recent protests in Europe over brown refugees is just one more example that this is a global issue.

Eh - even if I supported extra scrutiny for Middle Easterners (which I don’t), you realize Sikh are primarily in Indian and their headdress doesn’t look the same as an Arab turban.


Isn’t that what the scanners are for?

If asked nicely, he would probably have allowed them to gently pat down his turban the way they pat down bodies, as well.

People could be carrying bombs in their anuses, too: are you suggesting mandatory strip searches now, just in case?


Did you read Mister44’s original message to which I responded? In which he said that the US is the least racist country in comparison to “any other country”? And how is my response to you–which was absolutely deliberately obnoxious–any worse than yours?

And the “greatest” stuff I was referring to is just this shining light on a hill stuff that has been making me grind my teeth on this and other sites. Maybe I should just write it off, but right now it’s bugging me.


I want to see their reaction when they realise that Sikhs are required to carry a dagger (see @Malarkey’s earlier comment) .


Personally, I love it.

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Yes, I freely admit that. But do you also admit that maybe the tendency of your politicians to hold yourselves up as exemplars of all that is right and good might be responsible for some of that?

It is, and I would never claim that Canada is exempt. Look at Stephen Harper’s ridiculous Hail Mary Niqab nonsense. If this was your original statement, I think we have skipped straight to the having beers together and wishing everyone could just get along portion of the evening.

Said it before, and I’ll say it again: I like America and Americans. And there’s no denying the importance of your country on the world stage.


I dunno. Maybe because mine pointed out hypocrisy and yours defended it?

On the actual topic and not directed at abides, anyone here a member of the Sikh community? It’s got to be frustrating that the turban gets confused with keffiyeh and Sikh with Muslim which seems to happen fairly often.

The ass-covering corporate Newspeak boilerplate actually manages to be more offensive than the racism itself. Aeromexico may as well have just said Fuck You, You Fucking Suckers!

As awful as these routine episodes of ignorant bigotry are, the total cowardice of corporate fuck-ups and their reflexive ducking behind their legal departments worries me far more. Evil is bad, but unrepentant evil is worse.

Via: Sikhtoons - Sikh cartoons with a message


america, the land of the flee…