Americans are pretty mellow about climate change, terrified of everything else


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For comparison with Europe. We’re very mellow about reptiles, it would seem.


Gee I wonder why we’re scared of that particular list of things? Is it because the media (depending on who you listen to) constantly hypes them? Couldn’t be!


How can you be more afraid of cyber terrorism than actual terrorism? What/When was the last cyber terror attack and how did I miss it?


Yeah, but,


This is what you really should be worried about.


Strange that the impending strike of the species-ending, giant space rock didn’t make the list.

O well, why fear what you can’t change.


Well, government corruption scores pretty highly, which is not unrealistic. That can’t help with people’s sense of security giving rise to more apocalyptic scenarios which can be exploited for profit by the media and others.


While there’s a common fear of government corruption, I’m guessing that some people have a very different (perhaps even completely opposite) idea of what exactly that means compared to others.


Interesting and illuminating, that they don’t classify Climate Change as a man-made disaster.


I think the fear of government corruption is way overblown… not that it doesn’t happen or that it’s a problem, but that it’s part of building large-scale institutions. Corporations are also deeply corrupt, maybe more so, than government institutions, yet you that doesn’t seem to be on the list there. I’d argue that it’s corporate malfeasance in conjunction with the public sectot that’s the larger problem. It’s the rise of Randian libertarianism that creates a sense of panic about government corruption as the only problem worth talking about, I think, more than anything else. Just look at the passage of laws aimed at “voter fraud” when the real problem is actually the drive to curtail voting rights. If you look at that list, you see a group of things that are being talked about in the media in the US.


People, it’s from C-H-A-P-M-A-N University in Orange County (where many pay lots of money for a convenient MA degree-I’m not sure you can even earn a bad grade).

I’d like to see the actual polling questions and analyze the randomness of these 1,500+ respondents.

In general, I think scientific polling via phone will have questionable results since most people who lack land lines don’t answer their cells when they don’t recognize the number. The only time I remember getting polled was in the early 80’s at my parents’ home.


I bet that, if they had turned the list up to 11, the eleventh thing that Americans are terrified of is universal, single-payer medicare.

/ not really, the people want it, it’s the pols who are terrified of it.


This is a good point. In my own phonebanking for various candidates, it’s all disconnected numbers, no answers, or clueless old people. Poor methodology, but a useful list of fears (except for the climate change not manmade part)


Can’t be a valid poll – where is fear of the Browning of America?


Well, people say one thing to polsters, and quite differect things to their friends.

We are born with two fears. Loud noises and falling, every other fear is learned.


It’s there, at the OP, under “illegal immigration” (29.7) and “whites no longer majority” (18.2). To be fair, “global warming” is at 30.7.


Since so many USians are “terrified” of corruption, surveillance, etc - I would imagine that it’s fairly easy to charge the Feds with “terrorism”.


I only consume information presented as infographics.



The French are more scared (174)