Donald Trump sources $6M worth of campaign expenditures from companies he and his family own


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Just imagine how well his corporations will do once he’s President and can exert some influence over government spending.


Are there not rules against this kind of thing? I’m pretty sure we have that here in the UK; or is it more a “don’t do it because you’ll look corrupt and the corrupt don’t get elected”



You’d think he would also realize this, and would hold off on the blatant corruption until he could get his hands on the big prize. But Trump want marshmallow NOW!!!


Well, quite. I suppose the point I was trying to make is that it’s
generally seen as negative by the electorate. Maybe?


Je ne comprende pas:


This is actually hanging in my closet.


Make your way to the confessions thread, heathen.


Why does his signature collection have his name in block capitals?


Because his hands are too small to hold the pen for a script sample.



No one should be the least surprised by this - this is how he normally works. He puts himself in positions where he can extract value for himself, push his debts off on someone else and screw over the people who believed in him. Anyone who thinks his presidential campaign will be different from his business dealings is delusional. After all, people are supporting him because of how he runs his businesses (even if they don’t actually know how he runs his businesses).


Totally agreed–it’s the age old story of the frog and the scorpion. So when someone tells me the next horrible thing trump said or did, all I have to reply is, “Yeah, but what else did you think he would do, given his past actions?” Add to that, Goon Cleaner Extraordinaire Manafort is in proximity to trump, so there’s bound to be evil on all fronts of the bloviator’s campaign.


Not gonna happen.

It’s only June, their convention hasn’t happened yet, and there’s so much time left for more and more skeletons to keep tumbling out of the trumpster’s closet.

Although personally, I’m still hoping that he strokes out from all the stress.


Wait! . . . There are marshmallows??!


S’mores, anyone?


The problem is, that because he’s a very colorful scorpion, a lot of his supporters have decided that he’s actually a butterfly. The question I have is whether, once his supporters were educated about his usual mode of operation, if they would recoil, “Uh, a scorpion!” or be in denial, “Well, so he’s a scorpion, that just means he can look out for himself, the way a good businessman should!” without considering what that means for them.


His recent spate of tumbling poll numbers would seem to indicate that at least some people are waking up to his ways, but the Republican Party itself would also indicate that there are plenty of folks who are perfectly okay with his being a scorpion*.

And like I said above, Manafort’s running the show now, and if anyone knows how to…reshape public opinion of the worst possible people in the world, then it’s him.

*egomaniacal blowhard scorpion


short-fingered egomaniacal blowhard scorpio-vulgarian.