Trump campaign chairman paid $12.7m by Ukraine government in secret ledger


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In the least surprising news of the day… Scumbag Trump’s new scumbag lackey is outed for being the the corrupt scumbag that he is by Trump’s last scumbag lackey, who he fired for being a corrupt scumbag. The circle of life…



Sadly, evidence that a presidential candidate’s campaign manager has a corrupt and longstanding cash relationship with a foreign government is only a problem for people who respect the concept of evidence. Connecting that with policy positions (inasmuch as Trump is capable of expressing such things).

The supporters of Trump will denounce this as a bogus set-up by the corrupt media/Democrats/elites to undermine The Anointed Orange One. In fact I am willing to bet two internets that this is already happening across the Loonyverse as we speak. If every mass shooting is an ‘obvious false flag operation’ for these people, then something like evidence is mere evidence of further corruption.


“His campaign manager was paid $12.7 million by the Ukraine? Sounds like a good deal to me! I wish I had $12.7 million. That’d pay for a year’s worth of gas in the ol’ Hummer. What, I don’t see the problem?”


Coincidentally I too am for sale for $12.7 million. I don’t know what good I would do, but here I am.


I can be had for half that! I’m here for $6.35 million and I can offer at least the same level of useful or uselessness as him at a significant cost savings!


I am pretty sure there was a time when being paid by the Russians was considered somewhat unpatriotic and a liability in American politics.


That cash was absolutely not dropped into the pocket of Mr Manafort.

If it happened to be processed by a company he operates, that’s simply business


Mostly by conservative types - Republicans and the like.


I wonder what became of them.


So let’s see…TOP story is obviously the biggest.

  1. Clinton is recruiting undocumented kids!!!
  2. again with illegal immigrants!!!
  3. Clinton Email
  4. NY Times FICTION!


Funny how all the hateful Trump supporters always blast Democrats for being communists, but it’s their candidate who is a tool of Russia.


I also like the “murder happens, muslim guy probably did it even though cops say he didn’t” story.


Well now Trump’s utter lack of knowledge about the Ukraine is even more embarrassing. Someone was probably slapping his forehead and yelling “what do we even PAY you people for??”


The Republican double standard and doublethink never ceases to amaze.

If Clinton or her advisors had received $1.00 from Russia, it would be front page Fox News and fodder for endless Congressional hearings.


In the least surprising post of the day, I get sooo tired of seeing what used to be a great tech/gadget BBS/forum like the Boing being hijacked into a one-sided political megaphone. If I want political news… I don’t want political news. I’m sick of politics. It’s like depending on Fakebook for news.
And I’m about done with even the front page which has become (besides politics) mostly click bait.


Door’s that way.


If this is the content that you have come to expect from Boing Boing and you don’t like it then why the hell are you still here?


I see no issue with the editors of a blog reporting emerging, intriguing facts that might impact all of us hugely for the next few months.