Trump campaign chairman paid $12.7m by Ukraine government in secret ledger


I give Manafort credit for being able to command such a high price.


For a one-time payment of $100,000 I will tweet once-a-day in support of you or your cause! Lifetime guarantee!


[quote]Handwritten ledgers show $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments designated for Mr. Manafort[/quote]Why do people hold on to these things, exactly? You would think an illegal off-the-books system would be best kept, y’know, off the books.




When your business relies on systematic payoffs, it’s a good idea to keep track in a secret ledger.


…or at least decade, depending on which way the election goes.


Highway robbery! Fifty-bucks and I’ll scream your name at every car that passes under the overpass I sleep beneath. Throw in an extra $10.00 and I’ll wear pants.


Three days ago, it was still a great tech/gadget blog. Now, not so much, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, his vocal disillusionment can make us all see the error of our ways, and things can go back to how they were last Friday.


While somewhat amusing with distance, the events of this weekend are sadly irrevocable.

BB will never again be what it was last Friday - what some are already calling “the Last Good Friday.”

Cheer up, though - the Something Awful forums are still around, and there’s Reddit. You might like Upworthy!


Would you say you were… disappointed?

Welcome to Boing Boing!


It was too much to resist, wasn’t it? The siren song of the Uniform Resource Locator, perfectly coiffed in Google’s optimized font and lit, beautifully, by that fantastic 88" triple-monitor setup that Tucker and Thomas helped you build (even though Thomas really just sat and complained about his maid–I mean, just don’t ejaculate on the curtains, Thomas, amirite?!?) and your Logitech extra-small mouse is simply throbbing, jumping out of your hand–are the buttons pushing themselves?–as you move nearer and nearer to clicking, is that your Galaxy Note ringing–tell them to fuck off, you’re on the internet right now, dickbags–and your finger is pressing, not once, but rapidly, jamming down the mouse button, an A-10’s main cannon worth of clicking on the link, they’re talking about politics and they need to hear meeeeeeeeeeee…


But Hillary’s emails! Emails!


You’re diving down the wages of political corruption!


Harumph. Your low rates obviously mean you’re not worth hiring.

I, on the other hand, assure only the highest quality and my rates, at twice what TheGreatParis charges, reflect my fine skills and keen work ethic. The fact that you haven’t seen proof of my previous payments on various secret ledgers assures you that I hold my task in the strictest of confidences.


Not sure why it took this latest revelation to make this news. It was already public knowledge that Manafort has been a consultant to dictators wold-wide. The only thing new in this allegation is the exact amount paid for his services.


They’ve fallen in lockstep behind a leader as they always do, last year’s principles be dammed

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Because, ultimately, they stand more for authoritarianism than anything else



Politics isn’t ostensibly boing-boing’s gig, but this political season,
if you have clowns, you make clown-ade.


Here’s my back-of-the-envelope sketch of what Trump would say if allowed to respond unaided:

He’ll rhetorically ask what could be wrong with Ukraine, a friend of the US and rival of Russia, paying Manafort for services well-earned. He’ll remind us this is Ukraine not Russia, people. That is, he’ll be ignorant that Ukraine was a cozy bedfellow of Russia when Manafort was being paid millions, and it changed regimes since then.


Hey, shut your mouth! He’s a true patriot, a political corruption creator. If you complain or raise his taxes he’ll take his corruption offshore.