Americans' happiness is correlated with spending on public goods


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Well I think the neighborhood improved a lot when we got a community center and library branch. Of course now that it will have a light rail hub and be a major transit center as well as the mall is getting a partial demolition for a hotel and the training center for the new in 2 years NHL team it is getting priced out of anybody not earning 400k a year. So yeah.


Don’t conservatives like to point to the 50s as the “good old days?” The 50’s when the top tax rate was 91% and everybody was unionized? It couldn’t just be segregation, could it?


I’m reporting my happiness right now.


It’s not clear whether they are happier because they have better services, or whether people who choose to live in places where they don’t have to pay for their neighbors’ kids’ education, parks, etc, are selfish, miserable fucks.

Or perhaps they’re happier because their neighbours aren’t selfish pricks. Maybe all of the above. Many choices.


Wow. He’s not going to last long at Baylor, that’s for sure. Not once the trustee’s get wind of this.


You’re just correlatin’ up a storm, aren’t you?


I think happiness is related or reflected on how men wear pants.
Look at the 40’s and 50’s…guys were wearing their pants high, close to their belly button.
And they were happy…the future was bright, we were prosperous, owning a home was realistic for someone on a modest income.

Now, we’re practically waddling with our pants around our knees.


What’s this we stuff? I wear mine properly and make sure my two sons do as well.

Yeah. I hate that pants at the knees bullshit. :smile:


I don’t know but somehow some of my happiest times involved not having my pants on at all. Each to their own though.

edit sp.


Indeed. Many of my happiest times, I was panting.


There was a co relation with women’s hemlines and the economy.

Which probably explains the dresses we saw at the Golden Globes.


There is evidence that the founders meant “public happiness” when they wrote “the pursuit of happiness.”


…or maybe they live in neighbourhoods, where there is more to go around?


but maybe in the 21st century there is a new inverse correlation with cleavage lines. The lower they fall the more the economy tanks?


Reminds me of a story of two old men in hospital. One was stuck in bed while the other could get up and look out the window so day after day he described the life in the park outside to cheer up the other man. Finally the other got well enough to get up and look at the fabulous park himself, but when he looked out the window all he saw was a narrow alley and the wall of the building on the other side. Complaining to the first man, he only replied, “you needed a park”.


In some cases, oh yeah. In other cases, I think it’s years of lies being fed to them combined with nostalgia that allows us to remember only really good things (because it’s been fed by lies) like how anyone could buy a house for bees on the quarter and could walk into a blue collar job for life that paid well but either forgetting (thanks years of lies!) or literally not knowing about (because they were young and white) the bad stuff.




But, people in the 50s worried about juvenile delinquents.