America's largest sex-furniture manufacturer pays well, sources locally, and is profitable and fast-growing


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This should be endorsed by the Love-ahs…


Furniture sex, you say? (Mildly NSFW)


“Not available in Alabama”


“How are you getting along with your new sex furniture?”

“Sofa, so good.”


it’s these kind of specialty companies that are managing to put the passion back into for American manufacturing.

Tee hee.
Get it? Passion? Get it?


Sofa King :tm: good.


I tried to apply online as a sex-furniture tester, but alas I’m considered to old for the job. Pity…


Try La-Z-Boy.


“Sex furniture”? Why would I want to have sex with a piece of furniture?



There’s more than one?


We once tested condoms where I used to work. Alas, only testing machines were used.


So, no manual labor?


Minor spoiler for burn after reading below

Are these the pillows from “Burn After Reading”? The one where they’re spying and Clooney is walking around with a sex pillow and the guy watching is amused?


You wouldn’t? I mean… of course you wouldn’t! Who would do a thing like that! Haha!



:thinking: Are you implying that size does matter?


May we conclude you’re not testing sex furniture right now?


And it’s “fast-growing”, too!


Its not the size of your production facility that counts in the long run. It it the viability of your distribution.