America's wealthiest pet owners, by zip code


I’m surprised not to see a Washington, DC-area zip-code in this list.

The only one that seems really surprising is the small town in Maine. Somehow that doesn’t seem to be a place wealthy people would gravitate to. But maybe they have summer homes there or something.

Or the DC suburbs, anyway.

It isn’t. It’s just… that money never left.

Here in upper NW, the closest thing to exclusive social clubs are the private dog parks and restaurants with dog menus. You aren’t anyone if you don’t own a dog.

10001 is the Manhattan zip code they call out? Not the Upper East/West side or Tribeca? I think people are browsing from work.

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I don’t get why this is interesting. Wouldn’t a map correlating wealth and anything else produce a pretty similar result?

Wealth and people with Twitter accounts, for instance. Or wealth and people who like Chinese food. Or wealth and people who have purchased lightbulbs.


I second that. The zip code given for Chicago has virtually no residential addresses AT ALL, and the few which are in that area are either rental apartments or loft condos…not where the wealthiest people live if they do live downtown.

I live in that zip code. I have a cat. They’ve found me!


But yes, 60611 is the zip code that includes the Hancock and Lake Point Tower and the Trump. I’d bet the median income there is way higher than 60606.

Presidential Towers?

Not sure if they are in 60606. I’m in one of the mid-rise condo units in the loop.

Relevant to your comment.

I am also confused. How do you order the list by two things? Either those zip codes are the pet-loving-est or they are the wealthiest. It is not clear in the infographic how this is done. How to combine the two? per pet click? pet clicks per . Weighted average weakth$ * pet clicks?

Also not interested in the topic per se, just in the lack of statistical rigor.


Kennebunkport gave us the Bush family, okay?

Also, I call bullshit on the methodology. I, for example, never ever visit pet-related websites, and yet I assure you I love my cat just as much as the people who regularly post on Pet-related browsing is not necessarily correlated with love. I suppose pet ownership might not imply love either.


I just looked it up, and in true Chicago style the zip code does a crenellation right there, so Presidential Towers is just on the wrong side of the street for that one block. I learned something new today, thanks!

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