900 dog poop bags for $15

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I’m surprised at how many people are lazy about it.

And I’m surprised how many people who identify as responsible pet owners still have no qualms about letting their pets urinate on strangers’ private property.


Grocery bags were never an option for me; they are prone to holes (problematic for both not getting shit on my hands and not have to smell shit while I carry the bag to the next trash receptacle), they’re thin, and they’re see-through.

Dedicated, opaque bags that are reliable are the only way to go. I’ve ordered from dogpoopbags.com in the past, this deal is much cheaper. I wonder how the quality compares.

Do you mean on-leash dogs on the 1-2 feet of yard that buffers the sidewalk? That’s a little intense, dude.


Not so sure they’ll work for cats, but intrigued. The scoops you get for cat litter are quite wide, so they may be difficult to get in the small bags.

I just can’t get into the mindset where anyone would assume it’s OK in the first place. I’d never think of pissing in my neighbor’s bushes myself, so why would I let my pet?


Yeah, ain’t that great. Instead of just using thin grocery bags for cat litter now we have to use bags that are 10x more resource intensive. Okay only 5x because you had to double bag.

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Not sure where you live, but in California and many other states, the space bordering the street or sidewalk is a public right-of-way. Where I live, it’s four feet in. Sorry, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to endure the inconvenience.


You never just had to go?


I piss in my own bushes when the bathrooms are occupied. Pissing my neighbors bushes? Now that’s over the top!


Doesn’t work when you’re on the go and your own premises are tens of minutes away. Granted, the “neighbour” definition here goes to be a little stretched, but in a global scale the whole city an then some can quite count.

The bags that are the subject of this post don’t seem to be biodegradable, which should be the standard for waste bags of this sort. I know here is sone discrepancy about what “biodegradable” means (the ones I buy are not considered biodegradable under CA law which is, presumably, more strict) but at least some attempt to make them biodegradable should be made.


Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

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LOL - what about the birds, squirrels, racoon, possums, and other critters? Hell earth worms are pooping all over yard right now!

Seriously, lighten up, Francis.

Also, per the original post, why are grocery store bags bad, and these bags ok? Is it just he other bags are harder to find or something?


California has recently adoped legislature aimed at reducing plastic grocery bag distribution. This has resulted in the depletion of surplus bags commonly utilized for pet waste disposal.

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Many cities here in California have effectively outlawed plastic shopping bags, and our illustrious legislature is trying to do it state-wide.

I disagree with the decision, but it’s the will of the people, so I’ll go along. Still gotta pick up the dog poop, though.

I came to this post intrigued by the possibility of purchasing 900 pre-filled bags of dog poop for a good price, but unfortunately I am leaving disappointed.


I can supply you with two or three a day for free, but you have to pay shipping!



That said, Nemo and Zuul fill these fairly quickly. What are you willing to pay?


Not biodegradable, that’s a non-starter.

The BioBag brand is the way to go with compostable properties that aren’t just green-washing.


Yeah, but this way archaeologists can study the diets of our cats and dogs in the far future.