Man who spread chocolate on lawn to deter dog-walkers draws neighbor's wrath

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From the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Assholes” department.


Dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets are jerks. But poisoning the pets isn’t the answer. Why not just put in something that physically prevents the dogs from going there, like shrubs. Even with drought restrictions, making the area a rock garden means that it isn’t a friendly place to squat.


Isn’t what you are suggesting essentially 'she/he shouldn’t wear those clothes (the front lawn) if they don’t want to be raped (poop).

Yes, extremely bad analogy, but maybe it sounds this way. The owner of the lawn should be able to have their lawn (outfit) look any way they want, without worrying about people taking advantage of it/him, be it pooping or raping.

As long as he put up signs warning people about the chocolate, then I’m all for it.

This analogy isn’t getting any better, but what the heck, I’ll hit reply anyway.


Yeah, not the best analogy. But I agree. More the point i would make: Why should the owner have to spend his money (buy shrubs or rocks & landscaping cloth or even a sign for that matter) to keep asshole pet owners from leaving presents all over his property? Your dog is your responsibility, not mine and maybe I like the look of chocolate chips on my lawn, keep your dog out of it along with keeping them from stepping into traffic.


Is there a way to poison the dog owners instead? That seems like the best solution to me. :slight_smile:


This actually suggests a great solution. You don’t need to put any chocolate in your yard at all (which I wouldn’t condone). Just place a couple signs that say, “Warning: This yard may contain chocolate.”


Ironically I watch people let their animals walk (and eat) all over yards with signs that they have just been treated for weeds…

Ummm, pesticides, yummy.


Short of a solid fence I can’t think of much an animal won’t try to pee or poo on. I’ve seen tiny dogs pee/poo in weeds twice their size, on shrubs, power poles, cars, dirt, literally anywhere another animal might have done #1 or #2.

(And they would pee on the fence, but at least it would be contained outside of the yard then.)

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I say you are welcome to put chocolate on your yard, but not the parkway. Generally that is that belongs to the city, thus everyone. Here is Los Angeles chocolate chips are not part of the approved ground cover for parkways.


If there’s a leash law, then fault lies in the dog owner’s neglect.

Still, choco-lawn dude could have easily used faux chocolate “Kisses” and put up a sign stating, “This lawn is mined with chocolate!” to create a didactic Lacanian Mirror Stage performance art piece.


I bet dog poop isn’t either :wink:


What you really want is to feed the dog something that will give it uncontrollable diarrhea as soon as it gets home, but leaves it otherwise unharmed


Yup, that is why they should go after the people that leave the poop. I get poop and all sorts of trash left in my parkway. It sucks, I clean it up and move on with my life.


Yeah, I feel like tossing both sides this into the heap of “humanity sucks”, although this is definitely on the less abhorrent side of things. Come on people, your mother isn’t going to clean it up for you.


The problem I have with the chocolate is that it will kill strays in a cruel and inhumane manner. I’m fairly sure most places have laws against animal cruelty.

That said, I have no problem with someone shooting a dog that enters their property. Growing up in a rural area, it was understood that if your animal walked on another persons property then that animal is as good as dead.


I’m the President of an HOA. We have a person doing this, and we have a Human with a big dog that shiits like a horse, and doesn’t pick up said poo poo. I want to shoot both of them [humans] and keep the dog…


Those look like milk chocolate chips, which are far less toxic. Amateur.


The guy is going about it wrong. You need to do something that has no effect on the dogs but which squicks out the humans.
Dogs eat dog poop.
They just do.
Dogs love bacon.
Many people love bacon.
One byproduct of cooking bacon is bacon fat.
Bacon fat tastes like bacon.
Yard owner collects bacon fat.
Yard owner pours a small amount of irresistible bacon fat on each turd left in his yard.
Yard owner puts up sign saying “All Dog Excrement Treated With Tasty Non-Toxic Bacon Fat”
Most dog owners lead dogs away from his yard.
The ones that do not have a dog with bacony poop breath.


I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen humans standing in the middle of our front garden with their dogs. ON plants/flowers. Doesn’t matter how short the leash is, if the real problem is the owner.