Gallery of 34 notes written by pissed-off neighbors


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Oh, man. Cracking up about the one with the shoes. :grinning:


So much sass in that last one.


Have to admit, if I stepped in dog fetus, that would not be a good day.


Maybe they live next to one of those puppy mills. An unsuccessful one.


For context:

I feel very sorry for that person’s child. I wonder if, during gestation, the parent proudly called the in utero offspring “a healthy feces”.


The 'Look Bob" fence is an internet classic I hope never dies.

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Ethics of Poop

I think these grandparents should reconsider using their grandson as a pawn in their war of poops. It’s not his battle, and it would probably require that he expose himself in public; I hope their grandson is not a minor, because that could backfire on them.


“So wait, I’m confused. Are you going to leave a dog fetus on my door step, or are you going to leave your child?”


Maybe both, if a literate dog wrote the sign.


what is a “pre warning”?


I want to find this person’s garden and surreptitiously bury several classic “Peanuts” strips there.



"Pet elephants bowling"


All I could think of upon reading that was Ricky from Trailer Park Boys.


I’ve had to do a couple of these. The neighbors used to have parties every week, and occasionally I would find a large pile of table scraps in our yard just across the property line. After this happened a few times I put up a sign “Please don’t dump your leftovers in our yard.” They stopped.

The meanest thing I did was when someone left a car in front of our parking area in the rental I shared with friends in college. When it hadn’t been moved in a couple of days, I took the oversize oil pastels I was using for an art project and wrote across the front of the windshield and hood, “MOVE YOUR CAR”. At least when the cops came to tow the car they didn’t have to ask which was the abandoned vehicle.

p.s. I’d much rather have you put your bagged dog poop in our trash can than leave it in front of our house.


How can a plea pet anything?




I don’t miss apartment living. We had two guys living below us who would routinely sing karaoke to Madonna and Cher at 2:00am on weeknights. Then they had the stones to yell at my wife for making too much noise walking around during the day (The official quote was: “What are you wearing? Clodhoppers?!”). The day they got evicted was a good day.