Guy builds a gadget to blast loud music back at neighbors


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Asshole v Asshole

key line - “…even if I’m not here.”


I’m curious about what the “especially annoying music” is.


if he really wanted to get the edge in this fight…

the gadget needs to pre-emptively sense when they are thinking of playing loud music.


Passive Agressive much?


no, that’s clearly Active Aggression.


Pbbbt! I built a device to not be an asshole. I think the worst thing mine ever did was put a polite but sternly-worded note on my neighbor’s door.


Listen to the video.

2.45 in


Spoiler: It’s “who let the dogs out”


Good job on the gadgeting kid.

Now, go knock on your neighbor’s door, introduce yourself and ask if maybe they could turn it down because you need to sleep, study, etc. Chances are that they are decent folks who are just slow on the self refection.

Eye contact, handshakes and diplomacy first. If that does’t work, by all means deploy the robot minions.


Because when you are not home to be annoyed they can’t enjoy their music…


I once lived in an apartment above two guys that would sing drunk karaoke to Cher and Madonna after midnight on week nights very, very loudly. I kept earplugs in my nightstand just for that purpose. Fortunately they were eventually evicted after one of them got caught pissing in the stairwell. I don’t miss the days of apartment living.


What if his neighbors have the same idea? Kind of like when two pricing bots go at it on Amazon Marketplace and you end up with items that should cost $10 costing thousands of dollars.


Why are some people so against passive aggression? Yeah, I’d probably talk to them or use a note, but this is funnier.

Side note: my neighbor got drunk and started screaming at 2am on a Thursday morning outside a dense apartment complex. I didn’t actively yell back at tell her to shut up, I ran outside in my underwear and up to her and asked her if she was ok, pretending to think she might be in trouble. She quieted down immediately, apologized, and offered me some weed.


how about feeding what the mic hears into the amp and reversing the phase? Sort of like giant noise-cancelling headphones…


Also, the notes sometimes Just Don’t Work and this kind of self-defense is less harsh than escalation to police or other uncontrollable third-party forces.


I’ve been the victim of thoughtless neighbors, and I’d support a passive aggressive response if it worked. In my case the meeting your neighbors and being polite just didn’t stick, I’m curious if this would work, the video didn’t make that apparent.


I tried this once many years ago. Didn’t work; they said “Oh, sure we’ll turn it down,” then did nothing. So I turned my radio between stations to get white noise loud enough to drown out the neighbors, and went to sleep.

Does this still work? Do we still have analog radio, or has digital changed all that? Haven’t listened to the radio since college.


Or give it an annoying 1 second delay.


You can always use a noise machine.