Man conquers noisy neighbors with "magic"

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I had a downstairs neighbor who would play bass guitar, not well, at inconvenient hours. I have a fifty pound kettlebell, and had carpeted floors over concrete. Just tossing it up and letting it land gave an impressive “thump”, and he stopped quickly after. Not sure what I would have done if he was upstairs.


A broom or mop handle works wonders. :wink:


It’s not speakers that are my problem. I think upstairs lady is running some kind of craft biz out of her unit. So it’s thumping noises and electric tool noise.

You can’t run a biz from your unit. But who wants to narc out a 70 year old who uses a wheelchair?


Do you even hammer throw, bro?


‘Ride of the Valkyries’ is a classic otherwise. A subtle threat that worse is to come.
"We use Wagner. It scares the shit out of the [asian population]. My boys love it! "

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In mid-2019 i moved into an apt with a roommate and quickly found out that our upstairs neighbours were a family with 4 or 5 very young kids. All of them including the parents walked very hard, you could feel and hear them at all times. The kids ran and slammed doors, the parents blasted music and they were all up at random times. It’d be 2am and i could feel people running across the apt. It was awful but i didn’t put in any noise complaints because even if the parents toned it down it would’ve been impossible for the kids to do the same, however imagine my sweet surprise when they moved out a few months in… man the quiet was amazing.


my 100 year old neighbor (yes) recently got gifted an alexa to play his music. he is a lovely old man, but really hard of hearing. so we get treated to his playlist several times a day when he is in the mood for music at top volume. sometimes he forgets how to work it and just yells at it to play music. his live in attendant also has problems launching the playlist sometimes. she has a heavy accent and we will hear ALEXIA WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU TODAY ALEXIA? kind of hilarious.


Spoiler for those who don’t want to watch the follow-up video: the “magic” is that the neighbour is using an ancient and easily hacked WEP router, which allowed our wizard to pwn the entire network.

My most annoying noisy neighbours were the ones who’d blast the same three Bob Marley songs (you know the ones) on endless loop while smoking weed out on their patio. I was less disturbed by the volume of the music than by my cringing at their sad attempt to be “authentic” and “rebellious”.


In internet time a video from 2014 is ancient.


Is their something significant to you about their being “Hispanic”?

I mean, why mention that?


You’re correct its not germane, thanks for letting me know. I didn’t have any ill intentions when i posted that, thanks for bringing it up to me :slight_smile:


When we were first married we lived in a mobile home community. We had a big problem with the neighbor’s kids playing loud music when they weren’t home. Management or the police wouldn’t do anything.

One day I couldn’t take it anymore, opened all my windows and fired up my extremely loud system that could overpower anything.

It took management about 20 minutes to contact me. “Oh, you do enforce the rules, good to know.”

They got the point and the problem was solved.

My kid has a problem with a neighbor above them but they think it’s dancing. They make things called ceiling vibrators but their solution is buying a house because they hate confrontation.


Looks like a great way to bring down a mess of plaster. :grimacing:


My downstairs neighbors occasionally have gatherings so loud I can Soundhound their playlist from my couch. Got a few tracks on my wishlist now because of them.

In general, I don’t support this kind of retributive “pranking”. If you’re an adult human, you can go communicate with your neighbors, and or speak with your rental office.


Um… he’s using magic outside of school. Yeah, he’s fucked.


Yeah, out here in the hinter lands ain’t got much neighbor noise, thank you very much.


Yeah, but if you have a “popcorn ceiling”, you can pretend it’s snowfall this winter. /s


No trash panda parties in the attic then? Lucky you!


Yes, Bob Marley – Jamaican music for people that know nothing about Jamaican music.