Man conquers noisy neighbors with "magic" | Boing Boing

As the comments section wasn’t available for this BB post, and I wanted to see community discussion on the topic, I’ve posted it here on my own. Hopefully doing so doesn’t violate some written or unwritten rule of BB, but I guess we’ll find out if it does.

Anywho, the reason I wanted to see community discussion on this is because while many BB commenters like hacking, this “magician” may be crossing a line for some, even though these particular neighbors are clearly assholes.

My take is: if he’s already made several attempts to handle this the “neighborly” way, and treat them like fellow human beings, then this is fair game.

Its available and still open:

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That’s weird, because when I previously tried using the comments link at it didn’t lead to the BBS, it just reloaded the page.

That happens sometimes for arcane Internet Reasons. Best to @ the author.

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