The Building Shaker: a thumping gadget for annoying your noisy neighbors

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How does this compare to leaving Chicken Dance on loop and leaving for the weekend?


How about we acknowledge that if the future has us all living in tiny boxes stacked upon each other, that those boxes need to be built with a standard for noise blocking between neighbors. New constructions in my neighborhood are all built with solid concrete between floors, but they are also extremely expensive. This is another example society valuing rent-gathering and wealth-attaining over everyday quality of life that pits the serfs against each other to fight over scraps.

I’m a known neighbor-noise-hater, but I have trouble blaming my neighbors (I did confront one, but only because I was new-baby-sleep-deprived), they’re just trying to unfold their futon in their over-packed one bedroom apartments an hour after I go to bed and an hour before I wake up in the morning (2 out of the four of my wall-sharing neighbors have to convert various rooms daily just to live)

I would love to decree things like bans against subwoofers of certain power levels in apartment buildings, but that’s impossible to enforce without truly horrible consequences. The real answer is safe parks for kids to run and bounce balls in, and walls, floors and ceilings that preserve a level of privacy and peace we all deserve.


Also useful if you need to attract sandworms.


Oh wow, thats part utter evil but i can also sympathise (i’ve been the recipient of epically noisy neighbours before)

Not convinced escalating the noise war is the way forwards though. I can easily see that descending into everyone in the building deliberately trying to annoy every other tenant, it’s not going to end well IMHO.


I’ve heard South Korea is planning on using this against their upstairs neighbors.


The person who figures out how to soundproof shipping containers will get all the food credits they want.


I’d use that to rid my domicile of my feckless relatives.

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[quote]You can buy your own building shaker for RMB90 – about $13.[/quote]I thought the link was going to be to another clever list of easy-to-follow instructions and off-the-shelf parts, but no, it’s a legitimate, fully-constructed device.

All the packaging is in Chinese, so are these actually sold for the express purpose of neighborhood warfare, or do they have some legitimate purpose, like testing structural integrity or dispersing vibration-averse vermin? (And does the site in question actually ship internationally…?)

ETA: I suppose we need this here.


I’ve always found it easy to get used to the noises of living, excepting the truly obnoxious sources such as blaring music in the middle of the night, but I’ve noticed that some people are acutely annoyed by all noise no matter the source, as if assigning malicious intent and experiencing emotional trauma. I don’t get it, but I believe that they feel the way they do.


asshole vs asshole


Find the main breaker box. Isolate the correct apartment. Kill his fish and rot his food. Turn it all back on on Monday at 7am and go to work.


In the US, if you got caught, that’s an instant lawsuit and possibly criminal offense. Don’t get caught.

Yeah, if you are so angry about a kid playing in an apartment upstairs that you have to take revenge, you should probably move to the suburbs and get a single family home.


if the box is inside his apartment, find an outlet in the hall that is on his breaker, ask three friends to bring their microwave over, plug them all into some power stips, start them all on high at the same time.

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Where’s the StackSocial link?


Of course. Don’t be stupid and take my suggestion.

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Right, the best solution is to buy two, install them and then as soon as he gets back, leave for a week.

My plan was to rent the apartment above my upstairs neighbors and install a sound system with a subwoofer that feeds their lead-footed toddler’s stomp sessions back at them.

My other thought was to gift the lad a shiny new XBox and turn him into a couch potato.