Gallery of 34 notes written by pissed-off neighbors


The fun part about buried peanuts is that, if the shell remains sealed, it’s gas-tight, so you get anaerobic decomposition.

And anaerobically-decomposed peanuts are, in fact, one of the most amazingly awful, disgusting, nauseating smells you’re ever likely to encounter.

Even without benefit of chemotherapy-nausea, it’s an utterly revolting, genuinely stomach-turning smell. And the peanut shells can pop open and spray the nasty liquid all over when one is digging in the garden.

So, if you must give the little critters peanuts, please crack the shells first.

Better yet, give’m something like shell walnuts that will stand up well to being buried, and provide useful nutrition when dug up later.

Peanuts are not a good choice for squirrels, because even if the peanuts don’t rot, they often harbor aflatoxin-producing fungi, which squirrels are very susceptible to.


Portland Noted is a nice collection of signs, including a lot of passive-aggressive ones. Sadly, it hasn’t been updated since March.

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or a still-sealed tin of Planters.



Wow, at the person who is aggro enough to write an angry note, but not smart enough to know there’s a big freakin’ difference between feces and fetus.


Off the top of my head, all I can think of is if they have to reach into their garbage after the fact for some reason; encountering bagged feces that you didn’t put there would be quite an unpleasant surprise.


I know it’s hot outside today. Why don’t we all go run through the sprinklers instead?


That for me was the total winz.


I know on Sunday I would have killed for someone to bust open a fire hydrant like they used to when I was a kid; I can generally take the heat, but that ish was damn near unbearable.

Luckily, today it’s not nearly as stifling…


Not too bad today, especially with the lowish humidity, but everyone does sound a bit grouchy, like they’ve been cooped up next to hot smelly trash bins all day.


They were inspired by the Matrix and are making dog batteries, one took the blue pill.


How this cat person views this whole thread derail:

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I never thought I’d have to say this - but there’s just too much shit in here.

Who knew how shitty this post would be? But now, there’s too much poop in my bin, so I was forced to clean it all out.

Lets please not add any more shittiness to the topic. Thanks!

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Funny thing about that; the post is about notes written by angry neighbors - not dog shit disposal, so every comment about it was off topic anyway.

Back to the subject:

Recently I briefly considered writing a note to my inconsiderate neighbor who’s apartment shares the same wall on one side of my bedroom; her toddler always seems to screaming at the top of his lungs, to the point that I genuinely wonder if the child is being abused or if he’s just got some sort or behavioral/developmental problem.

Being a mom myself, I can overlook a lot when it comes to little kids, but this happens too regularly and at all hours; one am, three am… it’s ridiculous, especially with walls that are so damn thin…


Man, remember, that was a good site! I’m sad it stopped updating!



I’d rather just be plain old aggressive, maybe that’s why I haven’t written a note.


I think it’s the newest generation with their cellphone addictions, even at the age of two. My neighbor’s daughter does the same thing, with an epic meltdown anytime they take the phone away.


Don’t I feel stupid for taking the time to answer someone’s question. Won’t make that mistake again.


F***ing dogs, how do they work?