Excellent angry neighbor sign on tree: 'No dog poop here, TMZ is watching'


The Mask of Zorro?

I think it’s stupid. Dogs poop outside. Get used to it…watch where you’re walking. The idea was ‘curb your dog’ on the gutter side of the side walk. Or let them poop in bushes away from pathways.

The concept that we have to put dog poop in a non-biogradable bag and carry it around with you is stupid.

You share the environment with animals like dogs that Poop.
30 years ago the idea people would be wearing plastic gloves and putting dog Poop in plastic bags would be outstandingly insane to most people.


At least the spelling of the tricky words is correct.

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Clearly, he had assistance.

Celebrity gossip? What does TMZ mean in this context (my pop culture trivia is not strong enough for this one)?

@SamWinston - I think it has a lot to do with population density - sure, in a rural setting and/or most suburban settings you’re not even going to notice the random turd - but if you have X number of people living in a city block and X% have dogs, pretty soon it’s going to be hard to walk without stepping in shit.

And, fine, I’m no fan of pigeon shit either (I once had a spooked pigeon shoot an egg at me) and it can be pretty nasty where they congregate, but they are living with the vagaries of nature - your little shitter is living large off Alpo.


Yeah, my daughter attends a school where a sizable percentage of parents walk their kids to school and bring the family dog along with them. The dogs aren’t actually allowed on the campus itself, so they get tied to trees and the fence just outside the school. And so the sidewalk in front of the school would be a minefield of turds, if people didn’t pick them up (and many of them don’t).


If you let your dog shit in public and don’t pick it up, i think you should be required by law to wear the shit as a mustache for at least 24 hours. That’s for first offenses.


Or since he was worried about the non-biodegradable bag and conservation, I recommend him using it more than once: Picking up the poop, dropping it his yard (where, no doubt, he watches where he walks and does not an olfactory aversion to the smell, since it wasn’t noted), followed by putting the used bag back in his pocket for future use. Problem solved.


TMZ watching for dog poop? Sounds about the right speed for them. That could be their new motto-- “TMZ: all the poop that’s fit to scoop!”

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This reminds me of that town in Spain that mailed the dog poo back to the dog’s owners.


I’m pretty sure TMZ is going to appear in the next installment of Brain Rot.

Bah, an empty threat. That’s much higher quality shit than the shit TMZ normally publishes.


someone who doesn’t live in a city. Every city I’ve lived in - in different countries, will fine owners for leaving dog shit on roads, sidewalks or park land.

Oh look: here’s just one of the hundreds of biodegradable options out there for picking up dog poop. Now you don’t have to be an asshole anymore! Hooray!


Not really a good idea even in rural areas; pathogens from dog feces can infect livestock ( eg. neospora ) . The same is true of fox and coyote droppings but those animals are not as abundant as domesticated dogs are in most areas. My dog is so accustomed to the collection of his feces that he expects me to collect those others have left behind ( I don’t ).


There will always be inconsiderate dog owners who refuse to pick up their dog’s poop. On the brighter side, it does keep the 600 plus professional pooper scoopers nationwide in business. FYI: Most biodegradable poop bags are NOT in compliance with California’s standards for biodegradability.

In the same sense that violent criminals keep detectives in business.


So you don’t mind if I bring my dogs over to your place to shit on your lawn? After all, it’s completely natural, and you’d be watching where you walked…

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Why not take it a step further? If you’re ever invited over to @SamWinston’s house I think he’s already granted implicit permission to let your bodily waste fall where it may, just as nature intended.