240 compostable dog poop bags (unfilled)

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If I am paying good money for quality poo bags I expect them to be prefilled…ohwait.


Once again, I am disapoint by headline, BoingBoing. I read that as combustible dog poop bags. Now I want combustible dog poop bags. I demand them! Why are you not giving the people what they demand?


My favorite thing about these bags is that they don’t stink of chemical perfumes. Most dog poop bags smell worse than their contents.

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Add address labels to members of congress and voila!


Wouldn’t those be postable poop bags? Not a bad idea though, and since dog poo is neither a liquid nor an explosive, I don’t think the concept would run afoul of the USPTO guidelines.


I can vouch for the Pet & Pet, I’ve used several brands and they have had the best track record so far. I’ve only had one bag bust open on me (other brands so far have been much worse) and that was because I had my hands full, Mathilda decided she needed to poop right there, right now, and then she got super excited that she pooped. (Poop energy is real y’all.)

Oooh, ETA: unless you have the proper stuff to do it or your pooch isn’t a poop factory I would recommend against composting poop. In my area they forbid dog waste to be put into the municipal compost, and if I could compost on my own I wouldn’t do it. It’s so easy to mess up your compost piles with poop.

Unfortunately no clip on YouTube, but one of Steve Martin’s “Vandals” sketches on Saturday Night Live featured burning bags of dog poop.

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Re: composting dog poop
Absolutely. Dog poop does not compost well. AND it might be carrying worms, worm eggs, and Giardia. Those can stay active for years. Use dog poop compost ONLY for non-food vegetation.


No take backs on that… Where do I start sending them?

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I said quality bags…

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How will you know if I don’t send them?


I’ve been using these for several years – they’re not expensive and are stronger than any other kind I’ve found.

I have used these… They are great! They just aren’t made of corn like ones I wrote about today. They are plastic and while they degrade in the presence of O2, they turn into little tiny plastic bits…

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Are you allowed to throw them in any compost pile? I know our city compost in Cambridge does not allow pet waste. I would be very, very careful before putting these in any compost at all.

Maybe these are better than plastic, but don’t put them in the compost.

If you have a community pet waste compost, or your own specialized pet waste compost pile, you can put them there. They are not for any compost that’d be used for fruits/vegetables/plants for human consumption. Municipal composts etc will forbid animal waste.


There’s a nice trail that runs along a “power line park” near me. There are dog poop bag dispensers here and there, and garbage bags to encourage responsible disposal.

Of course, some people don’t bother to pick up after their dogs.

And some people take that WAY too seriously. One of these, I call the Passive Aggressive Dog Poop Scold.

He or she, on spotting an uncollected pile, neatly lays a bag out next to it, weighted down with a rock:

In this, case . . . that’s a pile of coyote crap. Skinny, gray from eating furry little critters.

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Why is it that the empty bags cost money, but after filling the bags with valuable fertilizer, I have to pay to have the city take them away?

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Took the joke clean outta my mouth, more or less. (Mine was going to be ‘how much are the filled ones?)

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